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    If bike is still available for sale, I am interested please contact me at: [email protected]

    If bike is still available for sale, I am interested please contact me at: [email protected]
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    helmet question

    I crashed last year, broke my ankle,road rash and cracked the outer shell of my helmet. The helmet saved me from some serious head injuries. The brain bucket is always applied before I start my bike trips. It gauls me that here In Pa, you can get a 10.00 fine or higher for not wearing a seatbelt...
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    Centrifugal clutch stuck engaged

    I emailed Duane at Dax and viewed his video clip per his instructions. It was a broken spring holding the clutch shoes. I ordered a set of three today from Dax, problem solved and fix on the way. Thanks, Seanik
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    Centrifugal clutch stuck engaged

    I have a Titan XC50 4 stroke from Dax and the centrifugal clutch is stuck in the engaged mode. Never had one off the engine before. Is there anything specific I should look for when I remove it from the engine. The clutch housing seemed to be hot when this happened. If the repair is complicated...
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    Sprocket size help

    I recently acquired an OCC chopper and decided to power it with an 80cc 2 stroke slant head. I thought about a 4 stroke but it looks like it would be a tight fit. Also bought a modified seat on eBay that puts the rider back about 9". The chopper has the fat tire 20" rear wheel and was wondering...
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    I need help selecting engine!

    I just bought an adult sized Schwinn green chopper and plan to install an engine but having a tough time on deciding what kind. I have narrowed the choices to 4, the Grubee skyhawk, the 80cc slant head limited silver edition, wait for sickbikeparts new inframe 4 stroke or the Dax new in frame 4...
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    Livefastmotors clamshell sprocket adapter

    I had my new build out today for a test drive. It's a ladies schwinn point beach cruiser with a Titan XC50 engine. I was surprised at how easily it started and the power and low noise are a bonus. I probably didn't have the rear sprocket properly centered and the chain got too loose. I really...
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    Schwinn Point Beach owners, it doesn't get any closer!

    Thanks for the paint info, I just finished a ladies point beach with a rear mount Titan XC50 4 stroke engine and a springer fork, haven't been able to ride it, too much snow. I got a few scratches to touch up. I would like to replace the drive sprocket mounted to the spokes with a free wheel...
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    New Products

    I am interested in the GruBee Mr. HoneyBee Z1 bike, looks like a nice ride and comes in 2 versions, standard and full dress(turn signals-lights-horn-ect.). I emailed Spookytooth to see if it's available. Upon their reply I'll post the answer. Seanik
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    HoneyBee engine kit

    Their Mr. HoneyBee-Z1 complete cruiser looks like a nice ride. I wonder if it's available in the U.S. This would be my 3rd cruiser, the cash is burning a hole in my pocket, I gotta have this one.
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    Yong Xing Mach. in frame 4 stroke

    I was surfing eBay for 80cc 2 strokes and came across Yong Xing Mach. Zone as an international seller on eBay. Their store lists a 49cc in frame 4 stroke kit for 169.00 + 130.00 shipping from China. This is supposed to be an improved version with less noise. The pic's look like a large frame is...
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    How did you get injured on your motorized bicycle?

    Re: How did you get injured on your motor bike? Coming off the bike path, I made a turn and hit some loose gravel and over she went. I was wearing a helmut and that saved a fractured skull. Cracked the outer helmut shell, got a black eye, a lot of road rash and finished up with a broken ankle...
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    Anyone motorize a 3 wheel bike....

    Hi Mich. Mike, I ordered the Titan XC50 from DaX and thought about getting the Meridan trike from Wall Mart, 199.00 is a great price. After much soul searching I bought the Schwinn ladies point beach cruiser for 139.00 and thats where the Titan will go.. I wanted to put the engine at the rear...
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    Finally did it-Ordered the Titan XC50 engine

    After much self debate (was also considering an 80cc frame mount) I ordered the Titan XC50 engine and mounting kit today. I have not acquired a bike for it yet. I'm 68 with some hip problems so it's tough swinging my leg over the crossbar, hence a womens bike or trike are my best choices...
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    Help selecting the bike.

    I could really use some help and information in selecting the right bike or frame to mount a rear rack engine. I'm an old timer with some hip problems therefore I can't lift my leg over the cross bar very well, probably a strong ladies bike is what I need. I like the cruiser type bikes with...
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    Geno 26" Alum Frame 33cc motor

    Geno 26" Alum frame, 2 speed bike with 33 cc Dingfeng engine. I bought this bike on eBay and am selling it for less than I paid for it. Bad hips making it impossible to swing my legs over the cross bar causing the sale. It has a pull start with centrifugal clutch and only ridden a few times. a...
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    Oldtimer newbe from Pa

    North western Pa right on the shore of Lake Erie.
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    Oldtimer newbe from Pa

    Hello, I live in Western Pa, 68 yrs old and recently got a 26" beach Cruiser with a 33CC chain drive motor. I have wanted a motorbike since age 10 and got this one new on eBay for 300.00. It,s a little slow on take off but runs great when the rpm,s build up. Was great until I dumped it on loose...