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  1. ChrisHill

    Merry Christmas

    Hi All, I'm not really introducing myself, but I wanted to get on here and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! This seemed like the perfect place to post such a Christmas wish. Take care, and enjoy the holidays. Chris
  2. ChrisHill

    Wow, has this forum ever grown

    I just wanted to give a huge hats off to CRUISER. Life has kept me way to busy, and I haven't been on the forum since around June. Today, I received a message from a forum user and thought I best get an answer to the person. I logged in to see a wonderful, and huge forum. You guys have all...
  3. ChrisHill

    Chris's Bikes

    Sorry, I have too many bikes for posting up a couple of pics. Most of mine are just standard store bought bikes, and have for the most part been sold after I've ridden them around for awhile. Hey, it's what I do, lol. There are more than just the ones in the photo gallery but I'm not a good...
  4. ChrisHill

    Hello from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

    Hello out there, I just wanted to poke my head out and say hello. This looks like it will be a very nice site to come to...thank you for the invite Paul. Hopefully, I can be of some assistance and able to answer some questions that people may have...there is a lot of installation...