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    Just been ripped off...

    Had one fine member (feel free to come forward and "testify!") of this delightful community get in touch to buy a complete wheel with sprocket mounted on a custom Hub. "No problem" said I and due to his admirable membership, and the fact we didn't have em in stock i granted the member free...

    New Build - Not sure of look....

    Not sure of how well this goes together. Very comfortable with the rear suspension and lovely riding position....perhaps it could use some white wall tyres, fresh outta cash though....

    48 cylinder bike

    Is it me or has this bloke just mounted 48 '80cc' chinagurls on a motorbike?! YouTube - 48 Cylinder Bike

    Can we have a Jet Bike section?

    Soon, not right now, just a thought? lol

    Nearly finished board track wannabee

    here's my board track attempt

    Reserve your Jet engine kit!

    In an insane twist of events, it appears we're pretty close to manufacturing our first batch of Jet Engine Kits. After speaking to a UK engine kit retailer, they've asked we reserve a twin jet engine kit and all going well will place an initial order of 25 Kits. Will post some CAD drawings soon...

    The Jet Bike Diaries. N sorts

    March 27 09 Dear Diary, Just had rather a large accident with a prototype...lets just say there was a canister there was menthanol there was invisible methanol flame, dumbass goes to pour more fuel in, flame travels into fuel bottle BOOOM, LIQUID FIRE ON THE GARDEN FENCE. could easily have...

    Pulse jet findings

    Here are photos of the damage wreaked by my pulse jet attempt OF COURSE it only got going when i turned the camera off!!! Vid of my shanangans YouTube - Preliminary Pulse Jet Findings

    Motor Trike

    YouTube - Scrapheap Motor Trike Pure Craziness

    Merely a dream?

    Jet-Powered Bicycle Makes 50 MPH Feel Waaaaay Too Fast | Autopia from Cmon Dan I DARE YA!!! .fly

    Drill bike

    YouTube - Drill-Powered Bike

    how to build a pulse jet engine

    Dan you'll love this. YouTube - HOW TO make a jam jar pulse jet THAT WORKS

    How COOL is this?! Oh and how would you make it work?

    Check this out SPEEDOMETER 50QT SCOOTER PARTS SPEEDO ZNEN YIYANG 50cc on eBay, also Other Scooter Parts, Scooter Parts, Motorcycle Parts Accessories, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 09-Apr-09 20:45:49 BST) ...but how to make it work, any ideas? Forgot to mention, its only £30!!

    mounting batteries mid frame

    i want to convert an old pannier rack to a "mount" of sorts. thought i'd ask you fine fellows whether you;d tried this and what the verdict was. I envisage better weight distribution and handling. Of course i'd LIKE to go LiFePO4 however i have a feeling it'll have to be SLA.

    Why we're going bankrupt...a warning to others.

    Over a year ago we decided the time was ripe to re-introduce these fabulous machines to the people of the UK. Since then we have enjoyed an excellent reaction and turned over upwards of £10,000 in our first 5 months of operation. Now thats changed. Since Christmas just gone we have endured a...

    1910 motorised bicycles

    Found these fabulous early motor(ised) bikes on a BBC documentary about WW1

    FAO Dan : World's first proper flying car makes debut flight

    Recommended Reading

    Please post links to highly important information you feel all MB'ers need to know from novices to veterans. Contribution #1 (UK) : The Bike Book : Books - Free Delivery

    How to build a boardtracker.

    You guys might wanna see this Boardtrack Replica Pay attention to the "internal throttle mechanism"

    Road legal tyres

    In the UK, to get these bikes registered requires "e-marked" or speed rated tyres. Does anyone know the equivalent moped tyre size for a standard 26" wheel, failing that i dare say one could swap to 24"