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    heavy duty bike rack

    not using any more 80 or best offer
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    parts in az

    since i sold all my bikes i have some extra parts left over ,
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    heavy duty bike rack

    made this and carried 2 motor bikes , asking $80 just covers the parts and steel iam in surprise az text me 623 203 57four three no shipping , pick up only
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    1978 schwinn spitfire cruiser

    rims need some work ,slight bend in the handle bars everything original; but 1 tire and seat .. text or call 623 203 57four three $120 in az or $200 shipped
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    Clutch pads

    looks like the pads are worn out on my uncles happy time with over 3000 miles where can i get replacement ones
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    bicycle engine clutch.

    where do they sell the friction pads
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    arizona riders

    going up this friday . iam staying at a cabin at the lodge here some pics of last time i was there ill be cruisin my toys
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    arizona riders

    going up to flagstaff mormon lake , will do a 30 mile trek around the lake.shft.
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    trailer build

    just put some parts together , made a trailer for my uncle , thought i share ,
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    SpookyTooth Death Race 2009

    do we need helmets and pads even if we are not going to race
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    nirve chopper

    i plan to put back the fat tire that is why i mounted the motor that way . its on hold for now . i have to get the adapter first
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    2 motorbicycles for sale

    2 stroke smaller one has a 50 cc slant head and the other a 80 cc i was getting flagged on craigslist but i just put it on the other day and its seems to be ok
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    2 motorbicycles for sale

    still have this for 400
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    small motor bike f/s 350

    new 50 cc slant head motor small beach cruiser 24inch wheels no shipping iam in surprise az bring price down to $300 firm
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    nirve chopper

    its slightly off to the left so i can add a wider tire later on . well the nirve cannibal retails 600
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    nirve chopper

    what do you guys thinks its worth
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    arizona riders

    1) marco - oldmanpaintball -surprise az 2) David - fr31 - Tucson 3) daniel - danosixtysix - flagstaff , arizona 4) Billy G. -Smoothe-Phoenix AZ 5) Lenny - LennyHarp - Mesa, AZ G. Harvey Holbrook, AZ. 7) Gonzo - Ravenshurst - Tucson (Does working on my first MB make me an AZ...
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    arizona riders

    just copy paste and lets see how many we have 1) marco - oldmanpaintball -surprise az
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    2 motorbicycles for sale

    going to vegas sale $400 for the red bike