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  1. Egor

    BGF friction drive kit

    I got a BGF kit for a friend today and the shaft will barely turn so I took it apart to see what is up. Wow is this thing made bad. For one thing the mount that the engine is on is not square, so there is no way that the the shaft will align. The outside bearing boss is out of round so as soon...
  2. Egor

    Wind always at your back. Hybrid Bike

    My son is going to bring a few of these bikes into the country. I am going to try one this weekend. It has settings from 1 - 5 for help, or you can just put it in go mode and it will run off the battery only. I like the setting for the helping legs. will go 20mph and will go 30mi or more with...
  3. Egor

    B T, Looking for the right sound.

    This is all about the sound, a large engine and long header. All the ones I have seen have no pedals, so this is going to be interesting, although it wont be legal, too much HP and too many CC's. I don't like the frame but it is all I have now to experiment with, Im not going to cut up the...
  4. Egor

    Utility Trike

    My son just got home from his job in China and brought this trike with him. The whole bike fits in the box in the back for shipping. I think it would take a bit of doing to get an engine to fit, and fetch up a drive. Have fun, Dave
  5. Egor

    I Love My Two Stroke Bike

    I have been posting about the building of the Happy Time engines I have built and I think it needs to be over in this Forum. I have solved so many of the problems with the little engine that now I enjoy them more than my Whizzer bike. I hope the guys at Whizzer don't find out. I mean it I have...
  6. Egor

    A Snow Bike

    I would like to see one of these made up for this winter, I know some of you don't like the thought of the snow coming or thinking of it now, but would this not be a cool ride with a China Doll engine on board. I just thought it would be fun, I know I would try one out if it snowed out here but...
  7. Egor

    It s a Fun Chopper LOL

    My son built this Chopper Bike and now I want to add the Happy engine. I think it would do best out in front of the frame. I will keep you posted. Have fun Dave PS: That is my buddy Rob on the bike.
  8. Egor

    HoneyBee engine kit

    I have seen this for a while and watched Ebay and the like, but no HoneyBee. I would like to have the kit, I think you could eliminate the lower portent of the frame and install in its place. And If it had a gear cluster would you then have gears! Have fun, Dave 4 Cycle Honey Bee Moped
  9. Egor

    Chuck - The monkey has the spark plug again!

    A few people have asked me "what is up with the signature" so this is the story, Have fun. Well this is a fun story. When we were kids we were able to talk our parents into letting us buy a Spider Monkey. We used to race Hodaka motorcycles. For fun we used to let the monkey loose in the...
  10. Egor

    Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

    well I have another abandon bike that wants to be a MB. It wants to be a Military version. I need a few cans of Army Green paint. What do you think of using a ammo can for a fuel tank up on top. I would just make a fiberglass insert to hold the fuel. I could enter it as my winter build. I have...
  11. Egor

    Motorized Bicycles - Therapy or a Necessity

    I think motorized bicycles are Therapy and a Necessity. When my Wife tells me to go and ride my bike, she knows I need it. I have the Whizzer at work and at lunch when things are not going well I get the bike out, and depending on the level of stress I run it with or without the baffle. I start...
  12. Egor

    New Build (raw engine)

    I started a new build for a friend, (I love to build these things) using a cruiser frame so the motor needs a front mount. I have to invent one! I will keep you posted on the build. I am trying to get the owner to join our group and follow along. Have fun, Dave PS: A few pics. Do you think...
  13. Egor

    The Dutch Bikes

    OK I want to put a motor on one of these. What do you think? It has seat belts for the kids. Have fun, Dave Dutch Bike Co. Seattle Bikes - Bakfiets
  14. Egor

    WorksMan bikes at Granger

    Now it is easy to get a WorksMan bike. They are available at Granger. It is possibly the best bike to install the engines on. They are tough and have the heavy spokes in the wheels, and you can get the drum brakes. $385, to start, not too bad. A perfect fit for the Whizzer kit if you can find...
  15. Egor

    Ultimate Whizzer

    OK I am saving for one of these I don't care how long it takes. I found this today and can't believe that someone is making them. I will let you know how they handle, but you might have to wait, at 12,000 it will take me a while to get up the krinkles. What a work of art, I wonder if he has a...
  16. Egor

    I don't like our bikes used without permission

    I don't like my bike used without my permission. I guess it is inevitable that our hard work and ideas for our bikes will be used without permission. They have links to this forum but not to the owners. I asked him to remove my bike. What should be done? Have fun, Dave Motorized Bicycles - what...
  17. Egor

    Two Speed Friction Drive

    I have an idea for a Two speed friction drive I will post a drawing up and see if anyone wants to build one. If someone wants to they can build one, but please do not start making them for sale, the idea is mine you can use it just for your enjoyment. You can see how it works, the two rollers...
  18. Egor

    Egor's Green Whizzer NE5

    I thought I put a pic of the Whizzer up, so here it is. I just moved the ignition timing, the cam timing and took out the restrictor. Other than that it is stock. Next I am going to install the mushroom lifters, and get the compression up. Have fun, Dave PS: This is hard, I did not build...
  19. Egor

    VeloSolex 3800 Motorbike

    There used to be thousands of these in Europe, I don't know any more. I have red one. I don't know where to put the post so I put it in here. This bike is a lot of fun, and that is what this is about. I got this bike from my grandfather a million years ago. I have not run this bike for over...
  20. Egor

    Screaming Primary Gears, niose fix

    OK Troops you are going to like this. I found a new trick for the scream that comes out of the primary gears. I was riding along and got tired of listening to the gear noise, and put my hand on the cover, wow all gone. I decided to try a new trick, I took a tube of Silicone rubber and coated the...