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    Honda 35cc scrubber test drive and thoughts

    Well, I got my kit last night and just got back from a test run. I think that my reasons for writing this is for the members who seem to think the china girl kits are crap. Good points-took 20 minutes to install and kit only comes with 5 bolts. She has a rope start and starts by reaching back...
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    Would there be any interest in a raffle?

    Just wondering if we could get 20 or so members that would want to throw ten bucks into the pot. We could have a draw of some kind with a prize of an engine kit delivered to your door. Any thoughts or ideas? I'd say the odds of winning would be better than any lottery, a 1 in 20 chance!
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    Shuttle-bike kit for water!

    Being lucky enough to live next to the Trent Severn Waterway. This new invention sure has my interest. 4 blue barrels and a way to power it with our bikes would be so cool. Maybe even our rear tire as a friction drive on one of those old paddle boat drives! SHUTTLE BIKE KIT - The Official Website
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    Bar stool driver arrested

    Another nut on our roads; Man charged with DUI on bar stool | Weird | News | Toronto Sun
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    New spark plug on market

    i don't know if these are of any use to us but I'd try one if I saw the plug for sale. There are also spark plug wires out now that have capacitors inside the wiring. Not sure how these would work and where all this extra stored power would come from but it may be worth a test. The world's...
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    Push Trailer in the works

    I bought a used mini bike and an old snowblower with a Honda engine. It looks to me that the motor is not the right kind or else it needs to have a jackshaft. I don't seem to remember these mini bikes having jackshafts but it has been many years, I could be wrong. The three Trailer pics may...
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    I put a grease nipple on my frame to lube my crankset

    Having just greased my bearings on my crankset just over a month ago I was shocked to see the red rusty goo that was in there today when I had it all apart. It's as if the rain and salt got in there. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the frame and wound a grease nipple into place. Now when I...
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    Gear changer as clutch lever?

    I leaned my bike, well OK , I'll be honest , I almost dropped my bike and it fell against a wall and snapped that crappy clutch lever. I wrote my seller and he said he uses a gear shifter. I've never used one of these but I believe it locks and unlocks by pushing on another lever. If it locks...
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    it would be nice to have a Map of users of this site.

    A few minutes ago I tried a link on a thread here (but it did not work) to a map like I'm mentioning and it reminded me of what another site I go to has. Up in the bar where we have "user cp" and "Faq" there is a link that shows a red dot on a world map for every member. I know this may cost...
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    What's the stupidest thing you've done on bike?

    Although spending 7 hours trying to start my bike before realizing that I had crossed my CDI wires is right up there for me , today may top that. I was getting right into changing gears today and I think that as I came to a stop sign, my rear de-railer may have been in between gears. Not sure...
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    An open challenge to all the Vendors here

    What are the chances of one of you building a rear rim that is close to a motorcycle rim. What I mean by that is a wheel with real Bearings and maybe even a grease nipple. I picture an Aluminum hub with skateboard style bearings pressed in and while we're at it, an axle that does not bend...
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    New bike-won't fire!

    I guess I got too cocky because I was so sure my bike would run that I installed everything without ever seeing if it would run. I have a spark and when I tickle the carb, I see gas move down the line. I also had a wet plug when first looked at.I've tried a little gas in the cylinder, still not...
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    How do you choose front forks?

    My forks can't handle my bikes wieght and sit in the fully compressed position, I knew they were crap the first day I rode it but now with the motor and batteries I need a new set. Has anyone ever replaced the springs inside the tubes? If I wanted to buy a nice setup , where would I look? How...
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    Good deal for e-bike builder

    I'm trying to find a good deal on getting a second "my1018z" motor for my ebike and came across this. From what I see, the motor alone is close to $100 so this seems like a great deal. New MOTOR for Currie IZIP TRICRUISER ELECTRIC BIKE - eBay (item 270349250711 end time Mar-02-09 19:30:58 PST)
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    Interesting possibilities-new 2 stroke engine

    I've never seen this but I'd sure love to find a way to mount it on the rear of a bike. It's almost "plug n play" and it's only $300. SCOOTER RACER MOTOR SCOOTERS 3 WHEELS GAS - eBay (item 230327110640 end time Feb-28-09 18:22:23 PST)
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    Would you store gas and batteries in the same box?

    i just bought what I think is a fabulous rear carrier with plans of putting my gas tank and two batteries that run my electric bike into it. Now as I sat down I started to think about having a gas tank in a sealed plastic box along with 24 volt sealed bats. it would sure solve all my build...
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    Will carb work tilted a little sideways?

    I'm having so many problems fitting my kit to an electric bike. It just seems that , with the Jackshaft and all, there is no room because the electrics are in the way. The battery box is in the way of the jackshaft but that was expected. The plastic case will hide my hidden gas tank and the...
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    A Thankyou for Bikeguyjoe for his hard work

    I just wanted to thank Joe for always being there. I've noticed that no matter the time or the question, he always answers questions within minutes. That can be so important to a person who may be a newbie or for those of us that get into "stupid mode", as I have found myself in at times...
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    Motorized bike $100 in

    I'd jump at this if I was in Florida MotorBike Needs Repair - WON'T START
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    Rubber mounted handle bars?

    Can anyone remember the first time you started your bike? Can you remember how the bike felt as you gripped the handlebars? The reason I mention this is because I let a buddy ride my bike and that was the first thing he said " Boy it really vibrates the hands eh". We all get used to it but I...