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    macargi frame comparo

    fellas, can someone tell me if the macargi built mustang gts and rat rod frames are actually the same, other than paint and odd bits ? thanks, steve
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    FS GEBE/ Velocity front wheel

    this is the wheel i bought along with my GEBE kit. standard replacement wheel w/ Velocity Triple V rim and hub and 14g spokes. mounted and use dbut having no marks or blemishes of any kind. $84.00 shipped new. $60.00 shipped from me. happened on a great deal on a matched pair of...
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    FS Staton inside drive and rear wheel

    i need funds for the production phase of my own jackshaft belt drive system introduction soooooooooo.................. i'm going to sell my Staton gear/ chain setup with the matching rear wheel and 7 speed pedal gears. this is the kit i prototyped as a vert. drive setup (like a Grubee) and...
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    chain tensioner bracket

    i need 2 of the clamp on type of chain tensioner //roller brackets that come with most all the HT frame mount kits. thanks, steve
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    FS or trade GEBE kit and 105g rearwheel

    i've decided to go chain drive in support of my new, hopefully permanent, build project. i have a GEBE mount kit (no engine ) and a eagle/velocity 105g rear wheel w/ mounted drivering. only thing missing si the safety cover mount bracket. i used it to mount my header instead. have 1225...
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    TREK 4500/ GEBE w/ GP460 build

    well, started assembly tody, and of course being at my day job, trying to hurry and having my head you know where, the first thing i did was stupid but i later saved it. this first pic is the scribe for removing material to mount the DDM Dominator pipe. you will probably see 2 things wrong...
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    Keeping current

    well, i had a notice that i haven't posted or participated on forum for alittle while, so i guess i really should give some updates on my project. this is the first place i landed looking to mine the archives and ask questions. i recieved a hearty welcome and many replies of incouragement...
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    DAX Titan 4 stroke ?'s

    Hi, i have a new mongoose xr250 full suspension MB i want to put a rack mount on and use on my 30ml. round trip work commute. i've searched thru tons of stuff on 2 forums and numerous vendor sites and very confident i can achieve this. ? 1 is there a white wire style lighting solution with...