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    dellorto carb cable

    i am looking for the inner cable for a dellorto sha 14/12 carb or a good pic. of the slide end so i can make one.
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    had a little run in with a ford ranger last night on the way home from work, i am ok a little brused and battered. think i need to get a new wheel,fork,handle bars,brakes.
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    Moondog For Sale

    This i a moondog with a 48cc livefast motor kit built last spring for my son, he wants a car instead. have not had any problems with it will hit 30 mph with me on it. i live in Alliance Nebraska so not to shure on what shipping would be. $400.00 obo email me at [email protected]
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    3 new projects just bought

    me and the wife went to the local police bike auction over the weekend and i picked up these real cheap.going to keed the trek just to ride the old one will get a motor and all the bells and whistles. going to but a motor on the vertical and sell it this next year. 10.00 27.50 25.00...
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    ac or dc

    ok so i would like to put a bigger light on my bike put i have read that some of the motors are putting out ac. how do you check and see if it is or isnt ac or dc. i have a small battery that came out of a spot light that i was planing on hooking up to the white wire then to lights. right...
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    shift kit on a full sus.

    ok so i just got the sbp shift kit and decided to put it on a marin frs. still have to do a little tinkering but so far it is great. going to take it to work tonight and see how it does.
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    crank seal

    i am looking for a crank seal for a right now very un happy time 80 cc BGF. if anyone has one let me know. thanks all Kevin
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    i think i am hooked

    i just started this today, the occ i picked up off of a radio swapshop that we have here last year for 30$, the front end is off of my kids mini chopper that never realy ran that good. now i need a motor kit and occ kit, even better a morini motor lol. the wife thinks i am nut but arnt we all to...
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    my sons new moon dogy

    just finished this last week for my 15 year old son. he loves the color of the bike. i took the 48 cc off of my nisiki to put on it, and put an 80 on mine. i did have to build custom exhust for it couldnt get it close enough to the frame every time you peddled the crank rod would scrape the...
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    just made the kids jealous.

    just got my bike done and i think i made all the kids in town jealous. hade to get a diffrent bike because it wouldnt fit on my giant. picked up this nishiki mountain bike from a friend for 35 bucks, had to replace 1 tube. now my kids want one.
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    hole in head

    just got a live fast kit the other day took it to work last night to show it off and found that there was a hole in the side that goes into the head bolt void should i worry about it or not. look's like a casting flaw.
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    hello all from Nebraska

    hello all, i am from westren Nebraska, just got a live fast kit off ebay trying to put it on a bike.