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  1. silvermaker5

    Looking for part

    I am looking for a chain tensioning wheel. I need another one so I can keep the chain away from the frame in one spot. The chain has removed some of the tubing. I can fill that in, and I want to keep the chain away from that area.
  2. silvermaker5

    Has any one tryed making a faring?

    I would like to make one. I have several ideas, but I thought I would see if any has done one already. Learn form others mistakes, or things that you would do differently.
  3. silvermaker5

    Hi all, new to forum.

    I hade and have been riding my bike with a motor kit for about 3 months now. I found this fourm when looking for parts. I love the idea that I have others I can talk to on this subject. I am from Baldwinsville, NY. It's in about the center of the state. Here is my bike: