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    kill switch

    question engine wires black and blue magneto black and blue hook up black to black blue to blue question is kill switch has yellow and black so where do they go?????????????????????????kit from boy go fast
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    true a sprocket

    how do you true a sprocket
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    clutch lever

    my clutch lever at the engine moves out and it should move in after its connected to the cable I cannt connect the cable cause it would do no good pull cable an it would not go any where cause it swing away from engine not to it where the cable goes through ????????help
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    new kit instructions

    o k just got my kit boy go fast looks like on ebay who has the best print out instruction on what to and not to do thing to due like making gaskets and open gas tank etc then on mounting need your guys help again thank you mark
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    what do you think is better a mountaion bike at $60.00 or a crusier at$99.00 the crusier has to have some kind of ajustment my knees almost hit the handle bars and it feels like I`m real close to them the mountain bike is a little smaller and a seat that would ride up your ass so a new seat is a...
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    brakeing tearing up gears

    ok heres a question so you got a one speed pedal forward to go,, an back to kick in the brake to stop.. know wont that tear up gears and teeth on the engine chain and sprocket side youll be stopping the whole tire seems like that would mess up things on your engine side ???????
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    weight on bikes

    what type of engine would be best for a big person (300 plus) to put on a bike......price is a issue on this also
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    home made trailer

    hey thanks for the input on engines. I got a lot out of the tips page wow a lot to know, still in air on engine going to research some more. next question has any one ever built a home made trailer for one of these bikes,something like the ones to put your kids in,I dont have a job at the time...
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    anything on boy go fast

    o k zoom is out found a site with his name an such for 169.95 ask about it said sale was over april 1 yet it was posted on the site april 3 so something is fishy to me, dax raised his price to much to soon still dont know about king I was lookin at boy go fast hey thank you for all your replys
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    zoom bicycles

    does anyone know anything about zoombicycles good bad and ugly(ha ha)they have a black stealth motor looks nice please let me know if they are good or bad thanks
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    who`s better dax,king,zoom

    who do you think is better dax,king or zoombicycle please tell me who you think before I make my decission to buy thank you tecker