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  1. tinkerfinger

    Unexpected Duck rescue!

    Living in the lower calif desert, its just too hot to day ride, so I have been rideing at night. 110+ degrees this time of year. Yet we have a lot of golf courses here that attract wildlife to the area that would not usually be here,,, Like Ducks. Wall past midnight, and Im trying to work my way...
  2. tinkerfinger

    engine bogs down and then dies

    No worries, last night my bike shut down on me in the dark. I had purchased new dokker shorts, and when I simply cranked the peddals 1/2 turn to give my left cheek a rest, my pant leg flipped the fuel petcock off. I have an I.Q. of 156, and it took me a good 20 min to figure out what happened in...
  3. tinkerfinger

    Lapped my head

    I just read on another thread that someone removed bothe upper and lower cylinder gaskets to improve compression with success. Did glass and wetsand on head. Said it was huge diff.
  4. tinkerfinger

    If Your New Motor Won't Start,

    if Your New Motor Wont Start Up, And You Have Tried Everything From Removing The Kill Switch, To Sacrifice Of A Virgin,, Try This Easy Trick From A Former Repair Guy. anyone Will Tell You, Once Its Broken In, It Will Start Right Up. The Reason Is Compression. Once The Piston Has Seated In The...
  5. tinkerfinger

    engine bogs down and then dies

    It is probably leaking at the brass fuel inlet that the fuel line plugs onto on the carb. It unscrewed on me and lost half a tank. unplug fuel line. you will see slots in top for flat head screwdriver.
  6. tinkerfinger

    can i get a light?

    Lighting is the $64 question on everyones minds. The info available is plentifull. What I have been able too find out for myself... Take it with a grain of salt.. The white wire works fine for a constant tail light made of three led lights. two 5mm 1.8v, and one 10mm 2.4v in the middle wired +...
  7. tinkerfinger

    Whats With My Gas Cap

    If the cap is like my Boygofast cap. you dont have to drill the vent on top. Place cap on table upside down., peel up rubber seal as far as you can. untill it is touching the spring loaded tabs. You will see that you can drill a small hole just outside the border of where the rubber seal seats...
  8. tinkerfinger

    Getting really frustrated with my EBAY purchase

    I had similer issue, You have to do what you can. mounting the motor a few milimeters to the side can help. I had my rear sprocket on and off 3 times till I got it the way i wanted. Actually cut a thick rubber gasket as a spacer between the rubber spacer and sprocket. it brought the sprocket out...
  9. tinkerfinger

    Kill switch repair. yellow button

    If your yellow button kill switch never worked, and you would like to kill your motor and save $$ on the down hill runs, Check out my repair. Getting it out is simple. I suggest removing wires with soldering gun to make this easier. The switch is a simple snap together. Just slip an exacto...
  10. tinkerfinger

    engine bogs down and then dies

    I had same problem, turned out the top of the carburator had simply come loose where you unscrew it to attach the cable. Air was pooring in around it.
  11. tinkerfinger

    NO Start

    Some of these engines need a little help making compression when new. The piston ring has not seated yet. To help it out on first start, Try pooring a little less than a cap full of your favorite 2 stroke oil down the spark plug hole. throw the plug back on and fire that baby up quick. I think...
  12. tinkerfinger

    Lapped my head

    Spark plugs are an easy way make minor changes in the powerband. Some plugs are weak on the bottom end, but have better performance at higher speeds. A hotter plug may give better bottom end torque, but will run hotter and leaner on the top end. It all depends on how you ride, and how you...
  13. tinkerfinger

    Enlarge Sprocket Center?

    Do not worry, I had same issue with nexus hub from an electra cruiser. Dont muck around with your hub. Use a micrometer to measure the hub, then add another 1/8th inch for proper clearance. Helpfull if its a freewheeler that spinns independent of spoke flange that sprocket will be attached too...
  14. tinkerfinger

    Head and Tail lights!!!!

    How about some simple specs on the bulb? It can't be too hard to find once we know what it is. Im guessing a 6 volt with less than 8 amps draw. Maby a simple resistor on a hi amp 6 volt would work?
  15. tinkerfinger

    Engine performance vs. engine performance

    I dont know if this helps, but I have about same miles. My carb began to fall apart. the fuel inlet loostened up and poored half my tank on the ground. I suggest retightening everything on these kits. You never know what you will miss. As far as actual changes in the powerband. Its all about the...
  16. tinkerfinger

    Just finished, grocery getter!

    I have yet to get it to run. No front brake. took sproket to machine shop.
  17. tinkerfinger

    Just finished, grocery getter!

    Delron is like nylon, but harder. Its what the gears in a lot of cordless drills are made of. I got a 1 inch by 10 by 20inch sheet of it from when i worked in robottics. I cut a 1 by 1 1/4 strip. then cut two pieces and drilled them for studs. I needed more clearance from sprocket. I groved...
  18. tinkerfinger

    Just finished, grocery getter!

    This is a 1980 cruiser i just finished overhauling. It has electra rims with flame pattern tires, 3 speed nexus hub, new basket and seat. I sand blasted the parts before shooting 1978 vw mars red. Kept it basic. the more i looked, the less I wanted to add. Just tank sticker on paint. The color...
  19. tinkerfinger

    Just finished, grocery getter!

    I am having hard time with picture downloads. So i hopefully attached pictures. Clueless to this system. Anyway. this is a 1980 schwinn cruiser frame. stock bottom crank and bearings, cheepo springer front end in good shape that I got with bike, nexus 3 speed hub with electra rims and flame...
  20. tinkerfinger

    Engine performance vs. engine performance

    Can you dissasemble the muffler on that model to check if its restricted?