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    Grubee Skyhawk Stage III ?

    This is a new kit by grubee for GXH50 with modified gearbox: HONDA GHH50 Installation kit Is it good? where is it available for selling?
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    Would the GXH50 fit the Titan XC kit?

    ThatsDax says he got the new batch of the titan kit, and I live in israel, and in israel customs would not pass an engine. I can buy the Honda GXH50 here in israel but I dont know if it will fit that kit. please let me know, Thanks ^5
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    revolutioncycles, :S

    Hello! my name is Roni and I live in Israel, I really want a motorized bicycle, but the main problem is that customs here in Israel won't pass packages with motors so I am looking for 4 stroke kit without the engine it self so I spoke to revolutioncycles requesting to buy a kit without engine ...
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    Seeking for new skyhawk stage II new kit

    I already have a motor - Honda GXH50 so I only need a kit and I know that the skyhawk stage II is popular, and good kit, which is fitting my motor. If you have another kit who fits this motor I would like to hear :)
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    Where can I buy the Kit?

    I know : Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit Parts 2 stroke 4 cycle kits REVOLUTIONCYCLES.US Bicycle Engines, Motorized Bicycles, Bicycle Motors, Motored Bikes: 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Kits! but they are selling with the engine only, and I dont need it with engine because I already have...