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  1. Egor

    Puch head on a 66cc HT bicycle engine with 6mm studs

    Re: Puch head on a 66cc HT with 6mm studs Has anyone run this head? Link below. Why are we still using the stock head gaskets? I have been running my engines with no head gasket, just lapped the two together and a tiny tiny, did I say tiny, just enough to make it look wet amount of FormaGasket...
  2. Egor

    1978 Honda Hobbit restoration.

    One way Honda controlled the speed on the little two strokes is with the exhaust. You can throttle both ends of the two stroke engine. You can give it a try with the parts cold (or do it with Asbestos gloves) start the engine and with the throttle wide open cover the exhaust and then role your...
  3. Egor

    Stripped Small Bevel Gear - NEED HELP!!!!

    Wandering? sounds like you have a lot of play in the crank, side to side. Will not hurt anything but proves how sloppy these engines are made. Did you need the puller to get the gear off? And if you put the gear on without the woodruff key does it seat better, if so the key is too tall, or too...
  4. Egor

    HF 98cc Predator a nice alternative to the 99cc

    I started fooling around with this. 600cc But I have so many projects so I dont know if I will keep going. I think I will need one of those 49cc stickers, LOL. Have fun, Dave
  5. Egor

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? Static - Try this, if I leave my bike for too long it fills the crankcase with gas and the only thing that works aside from turning the bike upside down, I ride with the throttle wide open with NO choke. It takes a few feet but then it fires and...
  6. Egor

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? Well had a little fun today. someone left a couple gallons of racing fuel against the fence the other day in a 5 gallon can, I work for the city and we get people abandoning all sorts of stuff. I saw the can and thought "now What" to my surprise it...
  7. Egor

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? Thanks I forgot about Dax. I have a few of his frame kits, they work pretty good. Just to tell how old they are both have the bushing small end. Duane has always treated me well. I wonder why his stuff does not come up on a Google search. Any way...
  8. Egor

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? Yank - I was just there the other day, I guess Staton is the only one left. Any way this is different I have built so many frame kits, too bad the BGF kit is so bad. Egor
  9. Egor

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? Built a friction drive in the last few days. The first from a kit, also with a clutch. It was a BGF kit, I do not advise anyone using this kit unless you are a machinist fabricator, this is defiantly not a install and go kit. After completely...
  10. Egor

    BGF friction drive kit

    Still working on the kit. Used a press to push the main body square. Machined the bearing bosses square . I still need to make a spreader for the adjuster clamp. I used two of the extra bolt holes in that clutch bracket to pre align so as the have clutch bell centered. Still have not started the...
  11. Egor

    BGF friction drive kit

    Update, I hate to say it but it is actually worse again than I thought. Looking at the bearing bosses they are so out of alignment that they just hold the bearings out of square to the shaft. It has a portion of a pump or some other part to use as the clutch housing that is used to make the...
  12. Egor

    BGF friction drive kit

    I got a BGF kit for a friend today and the shaft will barely turn so I took it apart to see what is up. Wow is this thing made bad. For one thing the mount that the engine is on is not square, so there is no way that the the shaft will align. The outside bearing boss is out of round so as soon...
  13. Egor

    Indian Hiawatha

    Harry for your oil dilemma my advice is never go back in time except to buy an early motorcycle. Always run the best oil you can get your hands on. The only reason they used ordinary engine oil is that is all they had. There is more than ten times the lubricating ability with the new oils, you...
  14. Egor

    1910 vintage motorcycle inspired project

    I love your Idea for a tank, it makes it look so vintage. Keep up the good work. Have fun, Dave
  15. Egor

    The Whizzer Experiment

    Quenton - I wonder if you made a tool for your drill press that would look like one of those tapered step drills, that would just fit inside the valve seat to one of the early cylinders. What I am thinking is that you would put the cylinder on the table and run the taper into the seat till it...
  16. Egor

    Egors Motorized Schwinn

    I just did a search on google for Motorized Schwinn and the second bike in the list is my bike, kind of flattering. It is still sitting in the garage and has not been run for a long while. I still need to get the front light working. I got an array of LED's that will run off of 12v. I need to...
  17. Egor

    So Cal Race on Oct. 22 at Grange

    I was out in Riverside, today and on the way home (91 fwy) I was passed by a truck with 3 racing MB's in the back. I attempted to catch up but traffic got in the way, I always wanted to attend one of the races, but after seeing these bikes and how serious they are getting, I don't know. Wow they...
  18. Egor

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? Today I heard the sound of a happy time in the distance, I got up in my truck bed and to my surprise there was a Chinese fella coming down the sidewalk with two extra children on the bike with him. The one on the back was holding on sitting on the...
  19. Egor

    SoCal Race Event Sat June 18th at Willow Springs Raceway-2011

    So looking forward to the pic's and Vid's. You all have a fun safe day tomorrow. Dave I have to hold my patience. So I will edit my post. I need to know everything, how many bikes showed up, who won each class, was the weather nice, I wanted to see all my friends from the forum. I so wanted to...
  20. Egor

    Thoughs on the quality of Whizzer motors from Taiwan

    I wonder what the kit he is offering would be like. I see he is stating the he is not affiliated with Whizzer, but looks to he a suppler. I see he is using a new flywheel, stating that it is from the GY6 honda clones. The head has an extra head bolt and so on. He claims he was involved in the...