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  1. danosixtysix

    Local traffic

    Heres one of my other builds.
  2. danosixtysix

    any riders in mesa Arizona ?

    Working here in the valley . Anybody want to go for a spin ?
  3. danosixtysix

    anything event happenings in phoenix? want to show of my steelers moto bike. will post pics soon.
  4. danosixtysix

    change avitar pics ?

    does anybody know how to change avitar pics ? .trk
  5. danosixtysix

    danosixtysix has moved to phoenix

    .trk hey friends i am now living and working in glendale az. anybody in this area ?
  6. danosixtysix

    danosixtysix trike pics

    Hope you all like them. Working on a different trike now.
  7. danosixtysix

    7400 ft elevation in Arizona

    Hello My name is Dano. I am from El Paso Texas. I lived in Tucson for 10 years, and Prescott Valley for 6 years and now Flagstaff Arizona for 5 years. I am forty one. I love building bikes and have since I was 16. I purchased my first 2 stroke engine and put it on my pieced together...