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    80/69 CC Take off speed

    Hi Guys, I just finished my build of a cheap Canadian Tire Cruiser. The engine (standard 80cc China) starts and idles great. With the clutch pulled in, i can rev it fine, the engine sounds good. When I try to drive it, I have to rev it hard and slip the clutch to get it moving. Is it...
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    Help! My head is spinning from the plethora of available kits!

    After reading everything on this excellent site, I thought it safe to whip out my Credit Card and buy a 2 stroke "80cc" Chinese Kit. I've seen these advertised as 65cc, 67.Xcc, 70cc and 80cc. I've seen them advertised as square engines, round engines, black engines, new Roller bearing...
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    Hi From Manitoba, Canada.

    Hey Guys, Nice forum! I've been lurking for a few weeks and thought I'd say Hi. I do not yet own a motor small enough to fit on a bicycle, but have been rebuilding small and large engines for many years. I have some questions about kits that I'll post in the forum. -Ritchie