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  1. ChrisHill

    Merry Christmas

    Hi All, I'm not really introducing myself, but I wanted to get on here and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! This seemed like the perfect place to post such a Christmas wish. Take care, and enjoy the holidays. Chris
  2. ChrisHill

    Hello from chrisnbush in Richmond NH

    Thanks. I don't get much time to get on the forums, so I didn't see it.
  3. ChrisHill

    Hello from chrisnbush in Richmond NH

    Thanks for getting back to me about this...even if it was via a PM. Just so everyone is aware, this engine was purchased from a guy named Sean Devrou on's not a CH80, even though the seller told him it was. "Chrisnbush" had said that he thinks it's a powerking engine. If it was a...
  4. ChrisHill

    Hello from chrisnbush in Richmond NH

    Hi, I wish I had've seen this post on here a long, long time ago. Who did you buy your "CH80" from on eBay? What is the serial number on the engine? I've only sold a tiny few on ebay (6), and don't seem to have any record of anyone in Richmond, NH? If it is one of mine, I really wish you...
  5. ChrisHill

    Hello from southern Indiana

    Guess everyone must be out enjoying their bike, lol. Hope at least one of my customers/friends had gotten in touch with you thru PM or something.
  6. ChrisHill

    CH80 Engine Kit Review

    Thanks Guys, I'm glad that you's are enjoying your bikes...wish more people would write about their experience too.
  7. ChrisHill

    HD Happy Time Engine

    Re: HD Happy Time Yes, the bearings I put into my engines are INA. You will want to make sure that you bring your originals in when you go to see those guys so they can get you an exact replacement...depending on what you're after, it could be "special order only" and a little on the pricy...
  8. ChrisHill

    Wow, has this forum ever grown

    Hi all, Thanks, and thanks. It's been a long time since I've been on here. This site has turned out very well (kind of had the feeling that it would though)...Paul is a great guy, and as such, his site is great (karma is a wonderful thing). Glad to hear that your CH80 is running great...
  9. ChrisHill

    Wow, has this forum ever grown

    I just wanted to give a huge hats off to CRUISER. Life has kept me way to busy, and I haven't been on the forum since around June. Today, I received a message from a forum user and thought I best get an answer to the person. I logged in to see a wonderful, and huge forum. You guys have all...
  10. ChrisHill

    Superior quality 2 stroke 50cc bicycle engines.

    Hello Andrew...thanks for the's appreciated. Take care, and ride safely.
  11. ChrisHill

    Life expectancy of Chinese Bicycle Engines

    My beater has close 8200 km's on it now...that's since last fall. The temperature range that I've subjected it to are between +28C and -45C. Still going strong, without so much as a hiccup...although I did replace my coil around the 5500 km mark. That was my own fault though...not the engines...
  12. ChrisHill

    motorized bicycle cdi

    I just realized that you are the person that has those awesome lights that will actually stay running off of the engine. Is the bulb included with your light housing? I might have other items kicking around that you may want or need, and I would love to check out one of your...
  13. ChrisHill

    44tooth sprockets trade for 48-50 tooth!

    What pitch (size of chain) are the sprockets for? Are they new or used? Are they the really thick sprockets that need to have the teeth ground before they can be used, or do they fit the chain well? Depending on the's a straight trade of 6 for 6 sound? Mine are new, still...
  14. ChrisHill

    Motorized bicycle Frapper map

    Kelly, that map is awesome. I spent more time than I should've on there, lol...I went all out. If I can squish in a couple of minutes at somepoint, do you mind if I put your map on a page on my website? I think it would be totally awesome if more people could find it and sign up...there's...
  15. ChrisHill

    44tooth sprockets trade for 48-50 tooth!

    Are you still needing some 48's?
  16. ChrisHill

    motorized bicycle cdi

    I haven't been on the site for quite awhile, but it's nice to meet you Norman. I am always game for things like what you want to do with the CDI. I don't have any dead CDI units, but if you email or PM me your address I would be more than willing to send you a couple of new ones to mess...
  17. ChrisHill

    staying warm

    Oh, forgot to mention...that is a nice fish.
  18. ChrisHill

    staying warm

    Hmm, makes me wonder what everyone considers cold, lol. Here most mornings when I leave for work the temperature is sitting between a balmy -20C to a cool -35C. I have to say that this past week it has been beautiful out when I've jumped on my bike to head to work. I think the coldest it was...
  19. ChrisHill

    Old Style Motorbike

    Nice ride Howard.