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    Boost bottle and Nos Kit??

    I Have Been Using Boost Bottles For Three Years.They Do Add Power In Low An Mid Range. And I Don't Think They Are A Waste Of Money.I Have Used Both Single And Dual Bottles.Both Work Good,But I Like The Dual Bootle Set Up The Best.As For The Noz It Give You That Little (Big) Boost In Low, Med And...
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    Spark plug suggestions

    You can get 7mm plug wire from the The Hot Rod Company - Your home for streetrod, rat rod, hot rod parts, Stromberg carburetors, polished aluminum skull exhaust tips / scoops, rod & Kulture, flathead, ford v8, rolls & pleats, magneto by the foot.You can also get cool plug ends.
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    2 stoke bicycle engine spark plug "Low-Profile"

    Tested low-profile spark plug for Happy-Time engines is Champion CJ7Y.Gap .028-.030.
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    Amsoil 2 Cycle Synthetic Oil Sale

    I have been using Dominator in my HT motorbikes for 3years.I used Saber on the first 2 i builts,but i think it is a little to rich of mixture for the spark plugs(An leaks real bad out the muffler).Thats just my opion.The mixture i use is five ounces Dominator,one ounce MARVAL MYSTERY oil to one...
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    Glad to be there on this new forum.Hope to learn a new trick or two and add my 2cents if it can help someone.Im computer illiterate so don't be to hard on me.I have been building motorbikes for 3years and have been motorcycling for over 40 years.