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  1. h0tr0d

    Tuned pipes question Pat uses the Chrome Fat Cat pipes I have seen them at Scroll all the way to the bottom and the pipes are down there about 6 or 8 up. 50 bucks
  2. h0tr0d

    Paint or Powder Coat?

    I have my frame, springer, mounts , motor cover, and a bunch of other stuff power coated. Now when fuel drips on it all weekend without me noticing, I just wipe it off and fix the leak instead of scraping off wrinkled up layers of paint and primer.
  3. h0tr0d

    Schwinn Boardtracker #2

    Whooa! You are definately tuned into what a boardtracker should look like. I am impressed. What seat is that? What was the tank originally? Cool bike.
  4. h0tr0d

    Old Huffy

    Super cool.
  5. h0tr0d

    Good Buy?

    Looks good to me. Definately worth the money. I looks like he took care of it, if it had a ton of miles put on it I wouldn't be able to tell by how clean it is. Buy it and ditch the front fender.
  6. h0tr0d

    New KSD Boardtracker

    Really nice bike!
  7. h0tr0d

    Higgins Cruiser

    Way cool man. Nice bike.
  8. h0tr0d

    BT inspired columbia build

    Send it to me. You can fix the trail by changing the head tube angle. Keep sending progress pics, don't wait until your finished!
  9. h0tr0d

    first build board tracker

    I really like that version!
  10. h0tr0d

    BT inspired columbia build

    Here is a quick lesson in bicycle handling. CalfeeDesign The easiest way to correct your trail issue is to increase the head tube angle while you are moving things around. Ive seen people on here simply lengthening the area between the crank and rear wheel stays. Doing this increases...
  11. h0tr0d

    BT inspired columbia build

    L E L, Your enthusiasm is great, but slow down a think it out. Please don't take my advise like i drank a bottle of HATER-ADE. Since no one has responded in 2 days I thought I'd say what I thought. Looks like your front tire will hit your toes when you turn. In my opinion the frame looks...
  12. h0tr0d

    finally rolling

    Is it done yet?
  13. h0tr0d

    when is it to low?

    Cool bike. Make a longer bracket for the spring so you get the suspension part back. Put some BMX cranks on there. 12 bucks and 2.5" shorter. That's what I did.
  14. h0tr0d

    Custom springer front, advice needed

    Just put the wheel axle on the plate between the two forks if the geometry is too far off for your liking.
  15. h0tr0d

    Tortuga tracker runs now!

    I really like how close the down tube is to the front tire. Great job on the bike frame. What materials did you use for the forks/ handle bars/frame? and how did you bend them?
  16. h0tr0d

    Engine ID Plate

  17. h0tr0d

    Boardtracker fuel tank

    You aren't going to find a source for those tanks. People on here mostly make there own tanks when looking for something so specific. If its not custom then its a tank from some other type of vehicle: moped, mower, motorcycle, etc....hope that helps.
  18. h0tr0d

    performance computer chips?

    Originally Posted by h0tr0d You can add a bag of potato chips to your gas tank. Small bag. It would increase your caloric intake by about 130. .
  19. h0tr0d

    performance computer chips?

    You can add a bag of potato chips to your gas tank. Small bag.
  20. h0tr0d

    one scary ratrod chopper

    Yeah that clutch is dangerous!!!! Crazy !