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    Barn Fresh Rat gone woody

    Now that it's ripe I think I will restart this dirty rat. DT 50 pipe.
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    Yamaha DT 50 pipe and jet

    I'm getting good results using a DT50 main jet. I turned it down slightly and ran a tap over it to make it fit in the stock carb. I also used a DT50 chamber that I cut and modified. I tried to keep the pipe the same length as the original yamaha length. You can check it out over on the rat...
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    Rat gone Woody

    ............. .................
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    alternative ignition

    Has anyone ever considered removing the ignition winding at the rotor and using the lighting coil to charge a li po. Then running a CDI from a model aircraft engine? The obvious benefit is it would be easier to advance and retard the static position of the hall effect sensor. One could almost...
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    super rotor 2000

    Apologies if its been discussed before. Has anyone considered using rare earth / neodimium magnets to make an ignition rotor? Would it help induce a stronger current and help the cdi? Cheers Simon
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    Bell mouths

    Some time ago I read a series of articles about racing older generation 2 strokes. The bellmouth on the carbs seemed to play an important role in 2 stroke tuning (with piston porting anyway). It seems to be a negleted topic here on the china girl motors. Anyone ever tried experimenting...
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    rotary disc valve

    Again , a bit outside the scope of the home tuner but has anyone considered a rotary disc valve for the china motors? Perhaps using the ignition side of the engine. Running the ignition from the primary drive side. Just imagining a outside the box kind of logic to super tuning these chinese...
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    variable exhaust port

    Perhaps a bit beyond the scope of the average home tuner...has anyone ever considered a variable exhaust port on one of these engines? The first time I sawit was back in the 80s on the yamaha twin RZ250 I think. Just felt like mentioning a few more two stroke hot ups beyond porting and the...
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    long inlet manifold

    Hi there, Has anyone tried a long inlet manifold on one of these chinese engines? Cheers Simon
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    big flywheel

    Hi there, not really a high performance mod....sort of the opposite. Most people lighten the flywheel for a quicker throttle response. My question is about adding a flywheel. It would be quite simple (for me) to machine a hole in the clutch case and turn up a flywheel and make a bolt to fix it...
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    The lucky one?

    I purchased a 66cc chinese motor in Australia about 12 months ago. I put it in my backpack (weighs about 9kg) and travelled home to Africa. My Schwinn sierra is a great bike & I didn't want to butcher it so I purchased a 2nd hand mtb for about $35USD. I mounted the motor on the bike.By the way I...