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    (Slow?) Top Speed around 26-30 mph 80cc SBP Shift Kit

    So I have a Schwinn Ranger 26" mountain bike with an 80cc motor and the HD SBP Shift Kit installed. I thought my engine was doing quite well before I had the shift kit - 44 tooth sprocket I was going around 28 MPH top speed. I already had about 200 miles and was definitely way past the break in...
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    Having Trouble Removing Drive Sprocket with 80cc 2 stroke

    Hello All Currently I have been taking apart my 2 stroke 80cc Engine. I got all the nuts and bolts out but I have come down to the Drive Sprocket, which is not allowing me to open the crank casing. I stripped the clutch puller on the drive sprocket many times with multiple methods and it...
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    15 mph top speed with an 80cc engine

    So I bought an 80cc bike engine kit a couple months ago, put it together on a mountain bike, and it started off weak. I figured it just needed some adjustments and time to break in. I made sure things were tight and that the seal on the intake was fine, but top speed didn't change. 100+ miles...