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    Zeda Dio setup on the home made bicycle

    Got myself one of Robert Bianchi's Zeda cylinders modified for a Dio reed and running a 28mm OKO carb. After getting the porting to my liking and taking her for a spin all I got to say is HOLY SH*T batman.. She pulls so hard now. And looks great too, but I need to make a small manifold for the...
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    Latest on the home made air suspension 5 speed bike

    This thing is an absolute beast offroad. You can take it litterally anywhere. Still looking for ways to improve her further but damn if she isn't sexy.
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    My home built frame suspension bike gets color!

    OD green + Desert tan. Thoughts?
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    Overpowering the Clutch no matter what.

    So I have been tweaking the engine im going to use on my scratch built suspension shifter bike build Fully built China Doll reed valve motor I built, stuffed, ported, arrow kit, YZ85 Expansion chamber... I have had it now to 41.5 mph on a 44 Tooth !!! The thing screams and turns 10,000 RPMS...
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    Home built full suspension custom frame pics!

    The donor bike and a sketch of how ill cut it up and re weld it.... an old used Next suspension bike.. they typically sold well under $100, this one was free. Wheelbase and ride height look funky.. before the rake, and swing arm mods after a rake, and swingarm is cut up and...
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    Scam seller claims are HILLARIOUS This is a quote from his page "Tim Yeakel There is a difference in my products... I have so many idiots tell me I can get the same thing on E-bay... You know what I tell em anyone that buys one of my bikes will tell you it is not the...
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    My new Yamaha YZ85 chamber exhaust performance!

    None.....there was nothing gained over the long high mount ebay chamber I had been running. I was shooting for better top speed with a 44 tooth and the bike is only running 38 mph still.. back to more dremeling for performance I guess. On the plus side it looks and sounds wicked. Will post pics...
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    34 tooth swap, down hill, new personal best!

    90 degree oat, 49% humidity, Density Altitude 3,000 feet Going down a moderately sloped hill but unsure of the grade. GPS logged on "speedometer gps" android app. 51.45 mph! I fixed the high rpm surge, the carb needed to be mounted more level and I adjusted float height. The 34 tooth...
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    Slowing Top Speed

    So, I took the bike out ALL night with my friend and we raced all over town. Im worried though, I started out topping at 41, I made a new cylinder as my old one had scratches in the plating around 300 miles. The new one I ported "better" and only managed 40.25 (44 tooth) as the night went on my...
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    My mods, and performance, how am I doing?

    Hi, my name is Steven, I'm a highly experience auto mechanic, Have owned several race cars and crewed on the Main and Martinets Top Alcohol cars that my dad has owned or co owned. NEW to two stroke. Being as I'm using my GI bill to finish school I don't have money for projects any more so I...