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  1. gill vanderwerf


    hey guys i have a wierd problem my bike was running fine on sat i did not use it on sunday and now i cant get it started i see a spark i did put new gas in it on sat and i have a slight incline that the mixture might have been off less then 4 oz to a gallon could that be a did...
  2. gill vanderwerf

    chain dont fit????

    i got my 2 new chains in today from gas bike to make a long story short they say those 415 chains fit that cnc sprocket i got from them.....i let you all be the judge of this no matter what i do it wont line up with the teeth.
  3. gill vanderwerf

    chain snapped

    my chain snapped wile i was taking a test ride with the replaced sprocket assembly and i can not figure out why it snapped it was running smooth no tick or clink sound just smooth rolling over all. i got on the road and not even 5 min in it snapped locked the rear wheel . i am having some...
  4. gill vanderwerf

    BE SAVE ALL.....

    just wanted to give a shout out to everyone to be save don't take any stupid unnecessary chances with yout health its a nasty virus ..hope to see you all save and sound on the flip side of this thing. take care and stay healthy.
  5. gill vanderwerf

    finally broke down and got a shimano rear coaster break wheel

    my huffy china crap wheel snapped of at the ring where the spokes are set, so i got a shimano 105 E-110 wheel 12g steel spokes and steel rim thanks for telling me to get this guys. and i also ordered a CNC 44 tooth sprocket and adapter assembly because after i put the new wheel on i still was...
  6. gill vanderwerf

    where can i find some of those nice detail stickers / addons for my tank helmet and fenders

    i want to put some detail on my helmet and fenders and tank but i can not seem to find any or i am looking in the wrong place.
  7. gill vanderwerf

    new wheel

    i ordered the swinn rear wheel but i don't know the size of the sprocket adapter assembly for my cruiser bike can anyone tell me what size i need for the adapter seems it comes in 3 sizes?
  8. gill vanderwerf

    bad bike

    i got my first beach cruiser bike..a huffy online to be honest a piece of Chinese **** nothing but problems with rear wheel , baring breaking in it. My question is there a better beach cruiser because this huffy really sucks and if so what is it and how much does it cost.
  9. gill vanderwerf


    well i blew another baring on my rear wheel and the whole wheel locked up 2nd time this happened again i was lucky because i was not going fast and in a parking lot. i have a huffy beach cruiser and i did what i was told with the rear wheel the 1st time it happened now what!!! i dont know what...
  10. gill vanderwerf

    new 4 liter tank.

    ordered a new tank this one i had to order from amazone but it has way better attachment brackets welded on both ends of tank with heavy metal. the old tank started to leak on those threaded pins where you attached the tank with and 30 bucks for larger and better tank is a steal in my opinion.
  11. gill vanderwerf

    chain makes a grinding noise

    i noticed that my chain started to make a kind of grinding noise when i am riding and also when i just move it back and forth. it looks like its that part that locks the chain together as far as i can see, this is a new piece just replaced it, what else could make my chain make that noise when...
  12. gill vanderwerf


    just a question as some know from my other post i rebuild/ replaced the whole clutch on that 66cc motor. its running fine and breaking it in slowly because its new. i noticed a few times the last days wile riding it up hill that it felt like it was slipping i was wondering if that could be...
  13. gill vanderwerf

    replaced that clutch from old 66cc that was not working.

    i finally got that last part in that they forgot to send with that replacement clutch kit, took me a wile to figure out how to put it together but when i got it all done the cap did not fit right on where the bucking bar is , had to use a little force to get it bolted in and when i moved the are...
  14. gill vanderwerf

    banana shape exhaust.

    i got one of those expansion chamber banana shaped exhaust from amazon..well that was a waist of money the darn thing don't fit no matter what i try to do it clears the bottom but its way to far out and i cant move my front wheel its like 4 inc to wide. is there a expansion chamber exhaust that...
  15. gill vanderwerf


    ordered a clutch set from gasbike well it came in with parts missing so i called got a sales person told him what was going on had to show online at site what part was missing guy was so rude this was not a good experience with gas bike so far then i put those pads in and notice that wile...
  16. gill vanderwerf

    i am about to rebuild a clutch,

    i ordered a clutch assembly for my 66cc motor i took it all apart in early summer but now i have no clue how to put it back together and i dont want to screw this up. i looked at formes posts but i can not find a link where i can see step by step how to put it together, i seen a bunch on you...
  17. gill vanderwerf

    new clutch kit.

    hey guys is there a link where i can see step by step how to assemble that new clutch kit i ordered i had to take that old one apart but for the life of me i have no clue how i did it ....and dont know where to start with this whole new kit.
  18. gill vanderwerf

    are those replacement clutch sets universal for 2 stroke

    i want to order a replacement clutch set to maybe try and fix that new 66cc motor i have just wondering if they are universal 1 firs all?
  19. gill vanderwerf

    what would be the max weight i can pull with a 48 cc and a 66cc motor?

    i am building a bicycle teardrop trailer from foam and canvas..and its just a bed to sleep in and storage for my trips food spare parts and so .....can anyone give me a rough idea how much weight i can pull on either of those motors?
  20. gill vanderwerf

    i need to order a spare motor ,

    i need to order a spare motor a 66cc but after that fiasco from eBay i am kind of scared to have to go trough that **** again, was looking at gasbikes to get a motor from them anyone have experience with them? thanks.