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  1. Tomasito

    Nexus 3, 4, 7 or old Sturmey Archer?

    Hello, I'm in the proccess of making a custom motorbicycle, and I plan to use a internally geared hub. I live in Argentina, so I don't have many options. First of all, it HAS to have rollerbrakes or discmount because my rim doesn't allow me to use rimbrakes. I don't know any other brake...
  2. Tomasito

    Brand new engine won't start =(

    Hi all, I installed a kit in my girlfriend's bike, but the little $#%&$ won't fire, i ride it like 15 times arround the block trying to start it up (with the whole family on the street waiting to see it come alive) and nothing, not a single explosion. This is what i've checked: · I have...
  3. Tomasito


    Hi! My name is Tomás and I'm from Argentina. I don´t have a motorbicycle yet but next week i'll be buying two kits. One is for my girlfriend's coaster and another is for a custom that i'm making. I have some experience with motorcycle mods and i've made an 70cc minibike completly from...