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  1. Muaya

    My new engine is making weird noises and losing power Help!

    Hello, I have a 80cc CDH Power with less than 200 miles. I'm still using the 16:1 mixture, however recently it began losing power specially when going uphill and the other day it completely left me stranded. I had already cleaned the carb a couple of days before that. Today after changing the...
  2. Muaya

    Should I go for a 48T or a 56T sprocket?

    Hi! I own a couple beach cruisers equipped with 80cc CDH Power engines, both with the stock 44T sprocket and 26" tires. I live in an area with a lot of uphills, I've managed to pedal up my way for a year, but is somewhat exhausting. The hardest uphill is around 12° and I weight 63 Kg (139...
  3. Muaya

    Hello! Finally joined the forum

    Hi, I'm Adrián, from San Luis Potosí México. I had been thinking about joining the forum for a long time. I ride a couple of Beach Cruiser Bikes with 80cc CDH Power engines. I've been a motorized bike rider for over a year and I love it. Hope I can learn a lot from you and also help others with...