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  1. darrick

    Built-In motor sprocket on rear wheel?

    Hi I'd just like to know if anyone knows of any sites (or people) that are selling rear wheels with BUILT-IN motor sprockets, not rag joint sprockets. and preferably not clamp on type either. I own one, but my rear wheel spokes got warped by the chain falling off the sprocket and eating them...
  2. darrick

    26 in 6 speed, + motor sprocket... Need one nowww

    Hi Im looking to buy a 26 x 2.125 wheel, with 6 speed gears already installed, and preferably a built-in motor-side sprocket. My rear wheel's spokes got eaten up by the motor chain slipping off the tensioner (redundant problem I know), and got warped just to the point of unsusability. do...
  3. darrick

    Cruisers & mountain bikes???

    slap suspension on a cruiser and its all the same. we're all brothers in the is laff
  4. darrick

    Mounting for a Huffy Cranbrook?

    To all vintage Cranbrook owners!! I need help with measurements for replacement parts what measurement front fork is needed for a 26" (?70's-80's?) model?? i want to add suspension forks also what diameter seatpost are you all using? 25mm-ish? And where can I find the part that loops/clamps...
  5. darrick

    Age poll - how old are we?

    19 and not nearly as knowledgeable as you all with the motorized bike world .bf.
  6. darrick

    Huffy Cranbrook owners! replacing bars, forks, posts, and a Good new Throttle kit

    Okay owners of Huffy Cranbrooks, I'm replacing some parts and need measurement/sizing info. What Seatpost Size/diameter is needed to fit the frame? cause I'm looking into buying a nice suspension post to keep from ruining my back on the bumpy roads here. also what size should the neck on...
  7. darrick

    can't find an answer then ask here someone may be able to help!!

    Hi Norman I left my bike sitting since New Years (20 days), and got a new paint job yesterday. Tried to start it up today but it wouldn't go. After milking the throttle for a mile I quit trying. Then did the same lap with no luck turning the motor on. My legs are limp now from peddling...
  8. darrick

    I Hate the 2 stroke smell!

    What preforms better- Amsoil Saber or Dominator? I want some Seabiscuts in my bike. what does the castor oil do? where do you get your flavor addatives?
  9. darrick

    Gimme some good lube..I can't take it rough

    Ok in my little hick town they only cary cheep oil catering mostly to weed-whackers and I'm tired of tasting death in my lungs while out on a commute. Also, how bad is it to see black sludgy build-up on top of your motor? I'm hearing racing oil is the top s#&% to use..and I want some. Word...
  10. darrick

    What do you do when your'e not riding?

    The ignorant youth has arrived: I am a former college tennis player, at only a 19 year old sophmore halfway out of schoo. (I'd like to say "retired" athlete but I think it would be an insult to you seasoned individuals) Currently shovel mud out of car wash drains pits to make tuition...
  11. darrick

    Do More bikes = More Rules & Reg's?

    Single chain? you got me curious. whaa? got a pic of the setup? I <3 my helmet
  12. darrick

    Do More bikes = More Rules & Reg's?

    got a link? I bought this and waiting for it to come in the mail with my new rear wheel Hub Adapter with Sprocket
  13. darrick

    Do More bikes = More Rules & Reg's?

    Glad only one guy and his kids saw me crash into a small evergreen on New Year's.. (bent the tree, broke my wheels) chain slipped.. :( getting a nice sprocket adapter now.. not the cheep stock scrap-rubber ragjoint.
  14. darrick

    Do More bikes = More Rules & Reg's?

    Darwinian Award!
  15. darrick

    Pant legs

    Nothing wrong with some tuck n roll. the girls don't complain. (longer hair then)
  16. darrick

    grubee quality?

    sounds entertaining. got a link to one?
  17. darrick

    After a crash, replacement parts needed. PICS

    The nearest bike shop is 50 miles away so any immediate external help is out of the question. Same goes for the craigslist postings' locations.. just my luck I bought the bike halfway assembled off craigslist for $140, not including replacement parts.. but where are you seeing yours for...
  18. darrick

    After a crash, replacement parts needed. PICS

    I'll definitely move the bracket down the rear, but do Not want to drill the load-bearing part of my old frame. any avocation of a good deal on rear wheals and sprocket adapters? Thanks