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  1. Tom from Rubicon

    Wife with Multiple Myeloma. Limited riding.

    Getting into pleasant riding weather again. I am also side tracked because Mona came home from a 16 day hospital stay undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant. After the Massive Dose Chemo to destroy her existing bone marrow. That was July 6th. Next day she was infused with Stem Cells extracted...
  2. Tom from Rubicon

    Bike builders that have machine tools/shops

    Currently machining a new 14 tooth #35 sprocket for my Sportsman Flyer. With my Logan lathe just because I can.
  3. Tom from Rubicon

    Non finned billet flywheel 79cc predi

    I have searched long and hard for an aluminum billet flywheel for my 79cc predator engine. Too many stories about shattered cast iron flywheels. First thing I did on my Sportsman Flyer 80 build was split the engine case and remove the governor. All I have found are finned ones. When you are...
  4. Tom from Rubicon

    Brooks B135 feedback

    Hi all, My Sportsman Flyer80 is nearing completion and I am looking for a well sprung saddle, Helmutt Xcelsior Motor Bikes posted another build on facebook. I was impressed with the Brooks saddle he used. Bunch of google searches came up with this...
  5. Tom from Rubicon

    Setting chain from transmission to rear sprocket

    Been hashing engineering aspects of my Sportsman Flyer80 build and why I wasn’t getting my way, chain related. Barley pop may, as well as work stress. have clouded the mind. But this is a lesson for us all. Preconceived ideas of three dimensional assemblies may hinder logical solutions. A tool...
  6. Tom from Rubicon

    Wisconsin MB Builders

    The former I have been aware of for about a year the later I found this last weekend. Any one have any experience with them? Cheata Bikes and, Wing Tech Bikes...
  7. Tom from Rubicon

    Sunlite Springer Replica Fork with fenders

    I am in the midst of a Sportsman Flyer 80 build, and killing time by completing some details while waiting for the reduction drive system. I bought a set of 26" fenders from Wald, and I must say they are very high quality. They put Huffy fenders to shame as well they should. I am hoping there...
  8. Tom from Rubicon

    Wanted 79cc Sportsman Flyer engine mount system

    I need one for my Worksman drop loop frame. Pat can you help me please? Tom from Rubicon, WI
  9. Tom from Rubicon

    Flexible SS exhaust tubing.

    McMasterCarr used to carry it. Went on their web site and could not find it. Can someone post a link please. Thanks Tom from Rubicon
  10. Tom from Rubicon

    79cc Sportsman Flyer build

    The list as I up date it. Sportsman Flyer Drop Loop frame (Black). Sportsman Flyer Engine Mount System received from Pat Dolan. Seek no more. It is the bomb! A better system for mounting a Pred. engine cannot be devised. Sportsman Flyer fuel tank with tank graphics and toolbox arrived 10/14/16...