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  1. Dryheatbob

    So why does no one sell a matched carb/exhaust setup?

    A basic(really basic) rule I’ve always applied to engines is the faster it moves air/fuel through it the more power it can develop. Yup. Basic. One of the easiest ways to gain power on these little motors of ours is to replace the carb and exhaust with ones that will do the above more...
  2. Dryheatbob

    Found this gem on the web this morning...

    The production quality alone makes it a great watch- and the guy is darned entertaining! I Built a Mountain-Climbing Motorcycle for $200
  3. Dryheatbob

    She's ALIVE!!!

    Spent the morning tearing down the bike- greasing everything that needed it, adjusting the brakes, gear shift, etc, after spending last night going through the engine and dry fitting everything. Hopefully have it rolling for real by tomorrow!
  4. Dryheatbob

    Piston installed backward from factory?

    Hey all- just started going through my engine(Zeda firestorm 80). Took the head off to make sure the piston moved freely(it does) and it looks like the piston is backward. The arrow is facing the intake port and as near as I can remember the arrow is supposed to face the exhaust port, isn't it...
  5. Dryheatbob

    New builder- looking for opinions on these engine kits

    Hey all- First off thanks for any help you can throw my way. What I'm looking for is some insight as to which kit offers the best quality of parts, what may be missing, etc. I'm going to build a cruiser type bike, possibly a retro cafe look...not really decided on the look yet. I've read...
  6. Dryheatbob

    Hey All from Peoria AZ!

    Introducing myself here on the intro forum, cause, well that 's what its for! I'm an older guy with a good amount of experience in motorcycle builds(Ironhead, shovelhead and a few knucklehead Harleys) as well as restoring a few old American and British cars over the years. I've spent the last...