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  1. stevennf94

    Im a noob please help me

    Just got a new muffler and when I took old one off the muffler gasket was a mess and took like 10 mins to get it all off. I have a new gasket but need a way to prevent the new gasket from falling apart. Coppercoat and permatex spray a gasket is all sold out in my neighborhood. What can I use as...
  2. stevennf94

    Please Help!!!! Will These Fit My Carb???

    I cannot find anywhere that sells NT carb jets in Canada and doesn't want like 30$ for shipping. I'm not spending around 50-60$ to get carb jets. I found these on amazon and I am wondering if they will fit my NT carb. I already have micro drill bits and a pin vise, along with everything to...
  3. stevennf94

    Anyone ever run out of gas?

    I went for a ride in the rain today... I forgot to fill up the tank before I left. I was on my way home and was almost home and my engine just sputtered and died. I was pretty upset. When I got home I went to fix it and noticed I had no gas. So relieved right now lol
  4. stevennf94

    4 stroking causes

    I prefer to say that the China girl is "quifing"
  5. stevennf94

    Pre mix fuels

    I avoid it at all costs. I prefer to customize my ratios of oil to gas. Different engines require different ratios. I'm pretty sure some also contain other additives. I'd only use it if I checked the msds first and it also happened to be the exact ratio I needed
  6. stevennf94

    Newfoundland t railway

    Thanks and yeah of course I'll need spare set of nuts bolts gaskets master links and spare inner tube. Its conviently nearby to I pass an entrance to this trail on a daily basis and have family along the way where I can get a hot shower and warm meals
  7. stevennf94

    Newfoundland t railway

    Planing on doing this next spring with a 2 stroke mountain bike build. People do it without motors every year. There's a lot of bailout points along the way and a bus that can take me home if shtf. Already got lightweight camping gear. I...
  8. stevennf94


    Just finished my first build. Its a 80/66cc 2 stroke Grubee Skyhawk gt5a. Everythings stock and I can get around 25-30mph. What are some upgrades I can do to raise top speed other than different sprockets. I live in a hilly area and can't afford to sacrifice torque.
  9. stevennf94

    Help Me Choose Some 2 Stroke Upgrades

    I have just recently finished my first build. It is a 2 stroke grubee Skyhawk gt5a 66/80cc. Everything is stock. I have a boost muffler that looks like a big silver banana on the way in the mail. Now I'd like to upgrade the intake. Right now I have this stock carb...
  10. stevennf94

    What Fuel to Oil Ratio?

    Usually during the break in period ( first gallon of fuel) you would use around 16:1 and after that around 32:1 I've heard of people going as lean as 40:1 you're right about 2:1 not being anywhere near close
  11. stevennf94

    Carb idle screw default position

    I have just finished my first build. Its a Skyhawk gt5a. I know this has probably been covered many times but I cannot find it. What is a good default starting position for the idle screw on the carb?
  12. stevennf94

    Chain rubbing the frame

    Washers worked perfect. Problem solved.
  13. stevennf94

    Chain rubbing the frame

    Gonna try the washers now in a bit. I tried taking one more link out of chain and could not attach master link cause it seemed to be to short. I'm gonna see about getting a half link
  14. stevennf94

    Chain rubbing the frame

    Im doing my first build and my chain rubs on the frame in 2 different spots. I was kinda hoping to not use the tensioner but its looking like I'll have to. Is it safe to flip the sprocket so the dish faces the opposite side? Is it a bad idea to cut the rubber ring in half so its thinner? Already...
  15. stevennf94

    What type of solder do i need?

    So regular solder works fine even without flux? All the videos I've watched they have used flux paste
  16. stevennf94

    What type of solder do i need?

    I am doing my first build and my throotle and clutch cables are way to long. I know how to shorten them and i will wait until my build is finished before shortening them. I am going to have to solder the ends back on the cables. I have a spare brake cable from a bicycle to practice on. I am...