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  1. Velodrome

    Meet the new dog!

    My lovely Luna; American Bulldog passed away last month from some form of cancer. She was only about 8. I have been an ICU nurse for 25 years I've never seen anything move this fast. The last 3 dogs I've had all came from the dog pound. the last 2 Luna included were near disasters for the Cat...
  2. Velodrome

    Could someone school me on the manual clutch?

    Been building here for a while and am plotting another build ( the addiction is real ) My last one uses a 3D manual dry clutch and works great, but they no longer respond to their web site. Searching the inter webs I found THIS...
  3. Velodrome

    Where O where has Ludwig II gone?

    Missing the old boy. Hasnt been on in quite a while now. ( very nearly 7 weeks ) Has he "Gone forth" again with musicians and loose women? Jail? Has he done a Brexet? Who has recon on Whiggie?
  4. Velodrome

    4G clutch engagement RPM change?

    My searching isnt working out... There used to be a thread that spoke to changing the motor RPM engagement range for the straight shaft 4 G clutch. One of my rides is trying to engage the drive at idle. Idle is not excessively high but the bike wants to leave on its own and is causing the motor...
  5. Velodrome

    Who was making the new vintage motors?

    Like it says. There is/was a member here making a very few homemade ~300cc motors on here. Atmospheric valves I think. wonderful machine work. Been searching but cant find. Little help?
  6. Velodrome

    Big long giant rubbers...

    Thinking about changing things up a bit on my POPE build. Anybody know IF or WHERE the extended rubber Indian style grips can be had?
  7. Velodrome

    Spendy things at Barrett-Jackson to motorize!

    These are just too cool
  8. Velodrome

    ! NEW ! Mid Drive adapter for American Bottom Bracket!

    In putting a Bafang ( Luna ) BBSHD into a steel Felt cruiser frame I had severe clearance issues that would present itself on MANY American beachcruiser frames. There was for a while a fellow in Latvia who made custom eccentric adapters to make the BBSHD's fit WITHOUT grinding half the thickness...
  9. Velodrome

    Reverend "Iggy" A Felt Taxi Mid drive lunatic

    Finally time to start a build thread! Had this bike for a while now and been tinking on it here and there. So far I've had: A 90mm Sturmey Archer drum brake laced into the front with black 12G spokes; and a Sturmey Archer 3 speed IGH with another 90 mm drum out back, again with 12G spokes. New...
  10. Velodrome

    Who likes compression seats posts??

    Well? who likes em?? and why?
  11. Velodrome

    The Herd

    Thought I'd take some pics before the Felt Torch went away. Sold it today. Was completely out of room in the stable. Course. Luna had to get in on the action :)
  12. Velodrome

    Ancillary parts section?

    I was about to post for opinions on shock absorbing seat posts and who likes what and why and discovered no good place where such a post would get traffic. How bout a parts and bits accessory section in the Mechanical components sub forum for stuff like bars, pedals, seatpost, locks, forks...
  13. Velodrome

    Adding rear disk to cruiser frame?

    Cross posting my question from the ebike section for a little more exposure. I have a Felt "Taxi" bike with ~ 130mm dropouts and was going to use just regen from a Magic Pie rear hub motor. But Im wondering if there might be a bolt on option someone around here might know about for adding a rear...
  14. Velodrome

    Magic Pie on a cruiser bike?

    Interested in what you guys think about what it might take to get a Magic Pie hub motor to fit in this frame? Its a Felt "Taxi" steel frame. I know its never gonna go with a 7 or 8 speed cassette but maybe a fixe or a three speed like on bikenut's Sondors. Whats in it now is a S/A 3 speed with...
  15. Velodrome

    Felt Magno in the Phoenix area fur a good price

    Just passing this on. This would have been my first build if I hadnt fallen for the Twin. No affiliation. Just saw this on the old C.L. EDIT: heres a good pic from the Felt catalog Skinny steel tank so you'd need to do a behind the...
  16. Velodrome

    1911 Flying Merkel single build.

    Well All righty then! Its FINALLY time to start a build thread on this beastie. Long long ago, I made a trade for this frame forks and tank with truckd. He got a Westfield / Pope made Shapley frame and forks. He ended up getting the short end of the stick as it turned out the forks were a bit...
  17. Velodrome

    WIDE Track! No kickstand required

    Spotted at the Pavilions rod and bike show during Barett-Jackson week. Hydraulic disks both ends and jack shafted S/A 7 speed shifter! NO kickstand. Dont need no stinking kickstand!
  18. Velodrome

    Sportcarpats saddles...

    Holy sheep ****!! After Months ( and months and months) trying to get a repete saddle from Silverstate and on many occasions only offering to give them money and NO response to email-text and voice mail; I finally gave in and sent my buissness to Sportscarpats and ordered one of he's Messenger...
  19. Velodrome

    Velo rides electric. Now a convert.

    So; last night I was at the local car / bike show with my Pope build when this young Dude rides up on a FANTASTIC e bike. Has a new Felt cruiser basis with rims to match. 48V 12 something amp hrs batt in a cast aluminum box. Crystalyte hub motor at ~3000 watts and hydraulic disks front and...
  20. Velodrome

    1st AVG Group Flying Tigers tribute build

    Here I go again. Been plotting this one for a while. Starting with a Phantom Bikes frame and fairing I've had for over a year. 49cc HS and I HOPE a KC long shaft shifter through a Sturmey Archer 3 speed with a drum brakes at both ends. Have a Husky wheel set and the 3 speed is being laced in...