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  1. Memy1251

    Won’t idle:

    hey guys, so my first build i ran it and the engine idled flawlessly. For a while, then the bike would no longer idle. When I pull the clutch the RPMS shoot sky high. When I leave the clutch it’s always trying to go like a car placed in “drive”. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  2. Memy1251

    Parts vibrating loose

    HEY GUYS! Just built my first beauty. It’s running well and strong aside from when I picked up a nail. However I have a question about how you guys like to secure your gas tank and mufflers. My attached components are tending to vibrate loose. Am I just going too fast? Or if there another way to...
  3. Memy1251

    Drive sprocket won’t turn

    So this is my first build, and once it was all together, I found that on disengaging the clutch the bike would not roll but what little slack the chain would allow before the chain would run out of play and snag. I’ve gone through clutch re-set and cleaning procedures, such as cleaning the pad...