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  1. Mike B

    St. Patrick's Day

    Is tomorrow. I bought my kit today; Happy St. Patties!
  2. Mike B

    Nice Bourbon

    For the holidays; Finished in port wine barrels. Angels wings on the back. Rich and flavorful and most important smooth. Not too expensive ~$50 a bottle and well worth the splurge - :)
  3. Mike B

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    Want to hear some good tunes? Miss vacuum tubes? Want to see what the "high end" is all about? You can for only $10. I'll be there this year, been wanting to go for many years now, but too much family stuff to go. Now I'm retired and I'm gonna meet up with a whole bunch of my "audio...
  4. Mike B

    Bmw r1200rt

    My MadAss got stolen right out of my garage along with 2 motorized bikes. That's all they took, just bikes w/o license plates. The MadAss was registered, but I hadn't put the plate on yet. Me thinks they slim-jimmed the door lock, so it's now a commercial grade dead bolt with no knob, just a...
  5. Mike B

    It's hot outside

    104. Cookin' I'm not though, I'm just assembling. One of my all time fav summertime "beat the heat" tasty suppers. The classic Italian Sub; Provolone, genoa, mortadella, ham, tomato, onion and lettuce topped with olive oil, wine vinegar, S&P and the all important oregano on a nice...
  6. Mike B

    Full Auto Fun!

    I saw one of these and I just had to buy it. Bulk CO2 powered fully automatic machine gun. Yeah Baby! Mine came today and I wasted no time; The loose stuff on the left was single shot sight in, but the rest was full auto bursts at 10 meters. Sweet...
  7. Mike B

    El Burro Loco

    Happy Birthday to Me! I'm loco inna cabeza si. So I needed me a MadAss and this one's on it's way; I always thought these were cool, the ultimate "naked bike"
  8. Mike B

    RWS Diana 34

    An old classic in .22 caliber; Nice rifle. Easy to cock and has very good fiber optic open sights, no scope needed. Shoots nice. Ammo was nothing exotic, Crosman Premier domed pellets 14.3 grains. 10 bucks for 500. 3 shot group at 10 meters; Strong; Blows pellets clean...
  9. Mike B

    Aluminum Brazing

    This is so cool. I saw this stuff on the internet but didn't buy because it was really expensive. Then I saw some at the hardware store and thought why not? Don't need oxy-acetylene, just propane and a stainless steel brush. You just heat the part, scratch the rod until it melts and then...
  10. Mike B

    Harbor Freight Workbench

    I just bought one, gonna convert the middle bedroom to a indoor "hobby room" This looked good, was on sale and I used a 20% coupon also. But that's not the cool part. There is a Harbor Freight right here in town and I could have...
  11. Mike B

    Bicycle GPS

    Kinda cool eh? Garmin Edge 200. Just wanted a speedo-odo for the Motoped. Didn't want cables or "spoke tickers" either. Just the real deal. And small & easy. Gotta love electronics, they just keep getting smaller & cheaper - :)
  12. Mike B

    I hate 2 strokes

    The last leaf blower lasted a whole 2 years and it had a Tanaka in it. POS. The new leaf blower is a 4 stroke; It starts a lot easier and runs a lot smoother. And as you see, it blows just fine. Did my work today, even went up on the roof and blew out the gutters. Now it's...
  13. Mike B

    Gutter Siphon

    Just got the back gutter replaced, it rusted out at the "low" spot. Sags in the middle and the water there takes longer to evaporate. After the big rain I thumped it and sure enough it sounded like there was water there. Sure would be nice to "help" that stuff out of there eh? You know w/o...
  14. Mike B

    Band Saw

    Just got a new toy to make the metal fab go easier. This table converts your hand held band saw into a stationary unit. Brilliant! SWAG offroad products. It is so much easier to feed the work into the saw than it is to feed the saw into the work. And the best part is it's not much...
  15. Mike B


    I'm gonna build me one more gas bike and that's gonna be it. I'm going first class too. I always thought these guys had the right idea and I'm on the list. There's supposed to be 600 arriving sometime next month and one of them has my name on it...
  16. Mike B

    C'mon over and set a spell

    Watch the world go by. Replaced my old worn swing with a nicer one! Got the cocktail holders too - :)
  17. Mike B

    Free motor to good home

    SOLD -Free motor to good home - SOLD Brand new Cag 50cc, base model, no hi-po parts. Has muffler, standard 3" clutch, clutch bell housing with itty-bitty sprocket, NT style slide/needle carb. No spark plug, no gas tank. Watcha see is watcha get. Free. Really, no charge. Imma even gonna...
  18. Mike B

    Stockton Asparagus Festival

    An annual indulgence. I'm a regular - :) The headliner, the big dog; The most booths, the longest lines, the name of the game; Excellent. Rock & Roll baby! Have fun!
  19. Mike B

    Free HD Solex

    Gone Not Available Free HD Solex Runs when it wants to. New gas tank, new fuel pump. Free. As in no charge, zero dollars. No shipping. Come get it if you want it. It'll be here for a week, then it's garbage.
  20. Mike B

    Worksman Friction Drive

    This is a re-do. I've had the bike for over a year and it had the China clone Solex on the back. Today the Solex came off. Along with the lock I couldn't find the key for which is a topic for the safety & theft department. The Staton bracket was test fit and looking good. I...