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    Is this a good plug color?

    Chaged the stock runtong hp carb jet to a .69 and wondering if this is the right color.
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    Jetting hp carb

    Just broke in my 66cc china girl. It's got a bike berry hp carb and I'm wondering what size jet to get. I dont know if the bigger number the jet the smaller hole or the other way around. Its 4 stroking at 1/2 to WOT and getting wayyyyy to much fuel. The plug is black. Half throttle is faster...
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    "Speed limitation 38km/h"

    Was reading the manual on my china girl 66cc and it says there is a speed limitation on it. I know it's not an electrical because I have swapped the coil and magneto on it. Could it be because it's not a balanced crank? It will top out at 38km/h and not go any faster even down a hill. Was just...
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    Engine running slower when warmed up

    I have a China girl 80cc and had lots of issues with it 4 stroking. I went ahead and bought a bike berry HP carb and it runs way better but there is still some 4 stroking at WOT. It runs almost perfect around 1/2 - 3/4 throttle then 4 strokes. I have sealed all of the gaskets with some more high...
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    No power when clutch is engaged

    I'm new to this I bought a kit on eBay for 100 dollars and I have it on my bike and it revs up fine but when I try to ride it down the road it can't make it up a super tiny hill and it starts jerking bad. If I pick up the back wheel and disengage the clutch it revs up and then bogs down to like...