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  1. Patchy

    Unused modded 212cc engine

    I have an upgraded 212cc engine that didn't pan out with a motorbike project. I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone have any ideas what I should do with this thing? Its one **** of a paper weight... (Mod 2 cam, 18lbs springs, cnc connecting rod, cnc fly wheel, governor removal, bored carb)...
  2. Patchy

    212cc build!

    Hey folks, its been awhile since I've been on the forums but I have some news! After selling my motorcycle I started a new motorbike project! My other builds were with the China Girl 2 strokes and I wanted to move up in the world so I decided on a Predator 212cc engine. My friend and I went...
  3. Patchy

    Bike up for sale!

    I recently bought a Honda Metro Scooter and have no need for my motor bike anymore. I want it gone! Whether it be piece by piece or whole thing at once, I don't care! If you are interested in something just let me know and I will make a listing on Ebay and PM you a link. I feel like its safer...
  4. Patchy

    Kickstarting a China girl I can kick start my bike now! Got a new 36 tooth sprocket, removed my broken shifter and put my regular bike chain on the lowest gear. No more annoying petal starts! On a side note, clean your chains. All the goop is from both my chains.
  5. Patchy

    Question about expansion chamber size

    Just to check, you want an expansion chamber to be around the same volume as the cylinder/head/intake right? If you have an expansion chamber larger than said volume does it lesson the effectiveness of the chamber? Or is this not a concern? I only ask because I stumbled upon an old thread...
  6. Patchy

    Finally made an account

    Greetings from Sacramento, CA! Been a lurking here for about half a year and have been riding the 66cc kits for a while meow. Somehow haven't trashed my bike despite the blood, sweat, and tears I've put into it. Also, believe it or not that rear gas tank is solid. I went though...