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  1. waynesdata

    Motorized bike or Lightweight Motorcycle?

    Where do YOU draw the line? Is it a $$$ number, some number of cc, or some Mph?
  2. waynesdata

    Anyone using rear disc break adaptor?

    Looking at reusing a non disc gas tank gt2a/skyhawk frame. or
  3. waynesdata

    Anyone tried Zeda 100 build?

    What do you think about the kit? Will the mz65 pipe work with this engine?
  4. waynesdata

    Need help sourcing part

    I have most of my parts list selected. I need a good headlight maybe a wisamic or daymaker led headlight. Also need jack shaft transmission. Gas bike has the transmission. Have had bad luck when dealing with Gas bike.
  5. waynesdata

    What carburetor for 79cc predator?

    I know next to nothing about carburetors. Do not want the CNS Carburetor because some have posted here they are hard to tune without lots of carburetor know how. I like how I could move the clip in the NT carburetor to change the fuel mix. Want something like that but a little nicer. Agk 19mm...
  6. waynesdata

    Dax Super Titan? A drop in replacement for Huasheng engine? (Solved)

    I am working on a new build based on sickbikeparts 4 Stroke Shift Kit. kit is designed to fit the 49 cc Honda or Huasheng engine using the Hoot or Grubee Stage 2 or 3 gear box as well as the 4G of 7G belt drive. Is the Dax Super Titan a good fit for this application? Dax Super Titan Look I...
  7. waynesdata

    Fito Modena GT-2 Questions

    I have questions about the Fito Modena GT-2 Beach Cruiser Bike. It is advertised as a 26" Mens Beach Cruiser Bike But the wheels are listed as Kenda 24"X3" high profile wide tire. tire diameter: 26". Would a standard 26" wheel work? I am thinking about reusing my mag rims with 2.5" tires. Do...
  8. waynesdata

    EZ Q-Matic for 79cc Predator

    Is the EZ Q-Matic for 79cc Predator any better than the jack shaft setup you see in the 79cc Predator kits? I found a video of a EZ Q-Matic and 79cc Predator on youtube. The video is very short and tells you very little.
  9. waynesdata

    Thats Dax F80 cylinder head?

    What cylinder head comes with the Dax F80? Looks like no head at all. Wonder if I can reuse my bikeberry flying horse head to get a complete engine? The shark head on gasbike looks very nice. F80 69/70cc Engine Block Type D HP with Mag, Clutch, and Intake Manifold. Only $129.99 and $19.00...
  10. waynesdata

    Where do you buy spark plug wire?

    The wire that came with my kit is about shot. Where do you buy spark plug wires? Is this something I can get off the shelf at a parts store?
  11. waynesdata

    79cc predator wide peddle kit?

    I have standard one price beach cruiser pedal assembly. I had to bend my exhaust to clear my pedals. No way a 79cc predator will clear. What are you guys using? Is a three piece conversation worth be the time?
  12. waynesdata

    Zeda80 vs Dax 40mm stroke

    They look like nice engines. What would you buy? No rush because I have a running engine. Is the Dax a 40mm intake opening like the zeda80?
  13. waynesdata

    Niagaracycle review

    I ordered last weekend and still not tracking number. No one picks up the phone. I will have to deal with the bank to forcefully cancel my order. Posting on BBB and ripoff report now. ------------------------------------------ Only called and emailed because of post from xseler.
  14. waynesdata

    niagaracycle any good?

    Looking at getting a set of wheels from them.
  15. waynesdata

    Parts wanted can be used parts

    Parts wanted can be used parts. Short 1/8th threadless stem. rechargeable bike light set 30mm step through locking gas cap 26" 2.5 hookworm tires and tubes
  16. waynesdata

    wheel master mag wheels any good?

    I did not see a review for the wheel set I am looking at. Did not see a home page for wheel master...
  17. waynesdata

    triple tree vs mountain suspension fork?

    Looking to buy 26" 1 1/8 threadless suspension fork and stem What is the difference between triple tree suspension forks and mountain bike suspension forks? I want to know about durability and ride quality. -------------------------------------- triple tree suspension forks will...
  18. waynesdata

    Can 1" threaded fork be made to work in 1 1/8 threadless headset?

    1 inch threaded fork in 1 1/8 threadless headset? Could a section of plumbing pipe be user to take up the extra space?
  19. waynesdata

    44 Tooth CNC Sprocket & Adapter Assembly

    Part is in good shape. I no longer this part, because I just ordered a set of motorized bike wheels with built in sprocket. Will post pictures after I take my bike apart to install the new wheels. FedEx tracking says I will have the new wheels Tue 7/25/2017 by end of day...
  20. waynesdata

    79cc gear ratio?

    Most kits I have seen have the same default gear setup. Motor Sprocket 11 tooth Jackshaft Input Sprocket 22 tooth Jackshaft Output Sprocket 9 tooth Wheel Sprocket 44 tooth Tire Height 26“ Is this gear ratio ok?