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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    I haven't gotten too much done recently steve. I did get some new clutch springs to replace the ones I mangled but that took about two weeks fo the parts to come in. I've also been working on my bike quite a bit which has me neglecting the kart. But I am going to Peach Fest this weekend and...
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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    The past couple days I've been working on mounting the engine. I was able to find some scrap steel laying around my garage that worked great. I drew out a bunch of stencils for how I would cut it until I got one that fit perfectly. Once I had the engine mounted, I got a little too far ahead...
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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    Steve, what about the possibility of using non brake coaster hubs with the outer sprockets on my jackshaft? I'm talking about the hubs on most mountain that allow you to petal backwards freely. If I was somehow able to use those with the sprockets that lead to the wheel it seems as though one...
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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    Steve, it is definitely possible to switch out the solid axle with the differential. But there was a couple reason why I moved away from that idea. First was that the new axles would be 3/4" and a lot heavier. Second, I would have to get different wheels with a key way hub. And third, is that...
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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    Steve, I do in fact have a differential out of a riding mower. I was originally planning to use it so the wheels would be able to spin at different speeds. The main reason why I decided against it was if I was using shafts all the way through, I would no longer be able to fold the kart up for...
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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    Thanks for the ideas Steve, The wheels have been a part that I'm conflicted on. Looking at it from one way, I want to save money and it would be easy and simple to drill through the side of the hub, find some long bolts and spacers, and just mount the sprocket. But looking at it from the other...
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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    Yes. My intentions are to make this kart somewhat self propelled as I pull (not pushing it forward) it behind me as I walk and guide its direction. From a few different builds I've found on this forum, I've learned that I will likely still have to pull the kart with my own strength until I have...
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    24cc Deer Kart Build

    Thanks curt. I did find out about staton inc from a post I read during my initial research. They have a lot of the parts I need and what seems to be decent prices. But I just searched for gear boxes and it seems the greatest reduction box I could find is 18.75:1 ratio. Which is only 1/3 of the...