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  1. massdrive

    BikeBobber Custom Cycle Works

    I design and manufacture quality motor mounts and clamps including one off customs, and services to meet your specific needs.
  2. massdrive

    I have the upgraded motor mounts, clamps, adaptors, brackets, spacers, and much more that you want to make your bike safer smoother and more reliable. I'll also make whatever custom parts that you want. Go to and browse the parts page I'm sure you will find something that you...
  3. massdrive

    Ridged Front Engine Mount Adaptor

    My new large frame ridged front engine mount adaptors are now available at Precision machined from 6061 aluminum. Ridged mounts your engine securely and will not damage your frame. The engine mount screws are completely hidden from view for a clean sleek look. Made to order for...
  4. massdrive

    40 MPH Club

    After lots of mods, and months of adjusting and tuning I finally broke threw the 40 mph barrier... 43.5 mph. I was riding on Lake Mead Blvd. side by side with traffic and wasn't looking at the speedo so I didn't even know I broke threw until I got home and was checking the stats on my trusty...
  5. massdrive

    Road Pics

    Everywhere I go I bring my camera with me. I like to take scenery pictures and include the road I'm traveling. I call them "road pics", and I've decided to share one or two each week.
  6. massdrive

    More New Stuff At

    HD Lightning CDI is now available at If you are looking for a noticeable increase in overall performance and reliability this is the product for you. $85.99 USD includes domestic shipping.
  7. massdrive


    Here is part of an email that I received form Keith in Michigan: "Looking to mount a 66cc China girl in an Electra Townie 7D, the down tube is 1.74 in. And the seat tube is 1.33 in. I am putting a centrifugal clutch in the motor and a Pull start, so I'd like to keep the motor back and out of...
  8. massdrive

    For Sale Custom Built GT2a-s Bike

    I need to make some room so I'm selling my personal MB. I call it "the Rattletrap" because it sounds like a dirt bike. Custom built by me from the frame up. Too many aftermarket and custom parts to list. Runs strong / looks great / no issue's. Pushes my 230 lbs. butt to 39mph (actual). I have...
  9. massdrive

    New BikeBobber Sprint Available

    The 2014 BikeBobber Sprint is now available. $1600 USD Features include: GT2a frame Powder coated candy metallic red Motovelo 66cc 2 stoke engine Workman 26" x 2.125" HD double wall alloy 36h wheels / 11 gauge stainless steel spokes Worksman front drum brake Maxxis Hookwarm 26" x 2.5"...
  10. massdrive

    BikeBobber Engine Mount Clamps

    New BikeBobber Smart Engine Mount Clamps are now available for 49cc & 66cc. china engines. Fits frame tubes up to 1.5" dia. Larger diameter clamps available on request. Precision machined for a perfect fit from 6061 aluminum. Smart Clamps will not bend or work themselves loose like stock clamps...
  11. massdrive

    Screw Your Engine Kit now available

    New BikeBobber Screw Your Engine Kit is now available for 49cc and 66cc china girls. Replace those inferior stock 6mm studs and screws with high grade socket head cap screws for your entire engine. Available in polished stainless steel and black anodized carbon steel. Check out
  12. massdrive

    New Builder in Town

    There's a new builder in town. He is an old school tool maker with mad skills. He brings 4 decades of experience to the workbench. You may like him, you may hate him, you may know me as massdrive. Please welcome "BikeBobber motorized bicycles & custom bike parts" into your lives. Or if you will...
  13. massdrive

    Grease: How Do You Do It?

    How often do you check your wheel bearing's? How often do you clean and lubricate them? Do you clean and lubricate your wheel bearings at all? What kind of grease do you use? I use an extreme pressure high temp. complex grease. Good stuff, but still I have to clean and lube about every 300...
  14. massdrive

    Alien Intuder

    I went out to my garage this morning and there was this thing, this green alien intruder just laying there on the floor waiting to attack. Turns out it was wounded and seeking shelter. So I fixed it, and it wonder off back to whence it came...
  15. massdrive

    unwanted log out

    I've asked this question before and took the advise I was given, but still I continue to get logged out before I'm ready. I check the remember me box every time I log in. It is so frustrating to spent time writing a post only to find I'm logged out, and when I log back in I'm returned to a blank...
  16. massdrive

    Bike Bobber

    Another bike another coaster brake arm needed to fit around a rear sprocket on an adaptor. I started with 1" x 1/8" cold roll box tubing. Why such a stout choice of material for a coaster brake arm? Because I had a 10 ft. length literally laying around on the floor. I lopped off 20", just...
  17. massdrive

    coaster brake revisisted

    So this is my 3rd attempt to fab a coater brake arm to go around a sprocket on an adaptor. The 1st attempt failed badly. The second attempt was a total redesign and worked perfect. The problem was it was only a prototype to prove the new design and I just hose clamped it to the frame...
  18. massdrive

    hands down best mirror

    I'm always buying new bicycle mirrors because they are junk on MB's. I finally picked a winner. This is hands down the best bicycle mirror I have found to date. Once it is adjusted it stays there, and with minimal vibration the mirror is actually useful. dance1
  19. massdrive

    OBC Las Vegas

    3 weeks ago I found out about this bicycle rally here in Las Vegas this past weekend called the OBC. It is my understanding that OBC stands for Oakland Bicycle Club and this was only the 2nd or 3rd annual rally. The the turn out was impressive. Cyclist's from around the U.S. came here for 3 days...
  20. massdrive

    Goofing on Lake Mead Blvd

    I was goofing off on Lake mead Blvd west of sunrise mt. and snapped these pics.