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    My 2006 NE Yellow Whizzer

    A few years back I got this new edition Whizzer from Dennis (DMB) It's a yellow 24" Whizzer. Been sitting for a good while,with about 50 miles on it. My goal was to tame down the yellow,and not to remove much of it's original parts,and of course MY mods. This is what a 2006 yellow Whizzer looks...
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    Martin Road Runner

    I know where there are 3 of them. None for sale right now. :) Ray
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    Whizzer Piston

    I'm having some Whizzer pistons modified. Racie and DMB will each get one, and 2 for myself. Racie's Red 2008 and Dennis, Black 2006 Ray
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    First ride of 2015

    Well, it's time. Dale (msrfan ) and Dan are riding out to HILLCO Fastener Warehouse for Super Cruise XII Sunday, Feb 1 2015 Address is 7522 Park Ave Garden Grove Ca 92841 I'm going too, was thinking of riding the 98,but I'm still not done tinkering. Gonna ride the 99, I rode the...
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    Vintage Whizzer Heaven

    I spent most of my day visting with Ron Houk, and then later Dale's place. Racie got or is getting the albion gearbox, ask if i would snap a photo of Rons. Also the rear wheel sheave tool (aligning tool) Photos of some WZ's and 2 H motors, look at the seriel numbers! Who needs black Friday...
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    Whizzer Ride from Whittier to Huntinting Beach

    Well this passed Saturday I made the ride down to the donut shop in huntington beach. Total of 50 miles. Started at 6:45 am got there 7:45 no traffic, weather was good and there was a good size crowd. Only one other whizzer motorbike was there which was Dans, Dales machinist friend. Dale was...
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    Whizzer 99

    I rode the Black 99 today, I forgot how fast it is:) Ray
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    Old Hag's Snakes Oil for Whizzers

    Todays oils are not formulated to work well with our whizzer motors. I'd like to share 3 different ways that I have found to be very helpful for our motors. 1st being with Lucas oil additive. (Good), helps for when motor has sat for a while(dry start) 2nd is Shell Rotella t6. Comes 5w-40 Ya I...
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    Today Is A Great Day!

    I got my Wings Today!!! Of all the things Whizzer, This is it! Ray
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    NE-R Carb

    I've been thinking of using a WC-1 carb in place of the keihin PTF 16mm carb that came with the NE-R. I pulled off the carb to see what size main jet it had in it, 78, the exhaust pipe was blue at the exhaust elbow, so i know the main jet was to small, i also notice that the throttle valve had...
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    Remembering my Buddies

    I'm getting ready to go out and spend the day with my family. I thought i share a time when me and my buddies where Newbies, and some of my personal things. You Vets and Active duty have a Bless Day. America Bless the Lord for what He has done. Ray
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    Revisiting Whizzers Past

    It's been 7 years now that the last Whizzer book has been published,2005 by Willard Larson. A New History of Whizzer 1939-1965 there is about 108 can still purchase this book through Will for $30.00, at POB 338 Isanti,MN 55040. made payable to Willard Larson. This is a great book...
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    Anyone doing a whizzer resto ?

    I was just wondering if anyone has a whizzer restoration going on, vintage or new edition. I've got a past 99 whizzer that is probably about done! This is what it looked like when we got started. The cylinder is still a WC-1, the head is a 2003 with the 10mm spark plug, cylinder and head have...
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    A Tribute To A Legend

    I first would like to Thank the Administrators for this forum, Its a GREAT SITE. I'd like to thank Whizzer USA for bringing the LEGEND back,and to all who have contributed to making the LEGEND more refined.You see some of us have come from an older forum(Thanks Brian)Back when Quenton was...
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    AX27 Belt

    Hi New to this forum, has anyone had this probem with AX27 belt rubbing the bottom part of the belt guard posts.My bike is a whizzer 2000 WS24 Sportsman.Bike is original with slip clutch and NE up grades.Belt is a JASON AX27 Raw Edge Cogged Belt.THANKS
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    new to forum

    hi everyone new from calif.