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  1. oldbiker

    Felt Slater For Sale
  2. oldbiker

    Crash at the Grange

    Video tells the story.
  3. oldbiker

    Billet Parts for Felt Cruiser

    Made more stock parts for the Felt Cruisers. Still a real popular bike to motorize. Very strong components, and easy to modify tank for gas.
  4. oldbiker

    Another great parody!!
  5. oldbiker

    Video of Grange track

    A short video of getting bike ready for racing and some track action at the Grange track. It's a great way to test your bike and see if you can keep up with some of the bikes out there. The 2 stroke class is very competitive. The Piston Bike crew definitely knows how to get that little 2 stroke...
  6. oldbiker

    Billet Motor Mounts for Felt Cruisers

    If anyone is building a Felt cruiser with a 2 stroke motor, and wants to just install motor, with bolt-in simplicity, we can help. Made a limited supply of these, if popular we'll make more. KW Machine Works-Motor Mount Info
  7. oldbiker

    Gas Cap and bung for the Felt cruisers.

    I made a Gas Cap and Bung for my 1903 Felt Cruiser, and being a production shop, made some to sell if anyone is interested. Made to fit the top contour of tank. Easy to install, drill 1 3/8" hole and JB Weld in place. More parts coming! Check our website KW Machine Works - Home
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    How to get around in Manhattan NY

    Going places even a motorcycle can't go!Film: Honda PA50-II, Manhattan on Vimeo
  9. oldbiker

    Makin parts for the race!

    .cs.A couple shots of some parts I made for the big race Saturday. Fun project!
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    Hey fellow bikers!

    Hi. Great source for bike info. Glad your here.