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    Fun video from the other side of the world

    I saw this video on YouTube today, really inspiring what 2 hp, suspension and fairings can do for everyone on the cheap. I'm not affiliated in any manner, just thought it was nice how a bike came together so well using parts from other stuff. Its very fast and cost very little by using...
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    Rikimbili (motorbike) technological disobedience I found this video fascinating about improvised everyday technology in Cuba developed to overcome the hardships caused by political isolation in post Cold War Cuba. Its interesting that the motorized bicycle is a natural evolutionary state for human transportation...
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    OMFG Look at this engine!

    Can you imagine how this thing would sound on a motorized bicycle? Wow! Way too expensive for me, but maybe some rich guy...
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    6000W (8hp) Modified Razor CRF50 xr50 Style Electric Dirtbike / Supermotard FOR SALE

    Dirtbike Mode Supermotard Mode Here's my Razor MX650 electric dirtbike which I completely modified into a monster electric supermotard, utilizing two motors running 3000W each in parallel for a total 6000w or 8HP, for a massive amount of torque! I have it geared for a legal top speed for an...
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    52cc Predator Auger Powered BMX FOR SALE

    Motorized BMX with 52cc Predator Auger drivetrain with pumper carburetor, fast, fun, revs to 12500+ RPM, climbs steep hills, peels out and pops wheelies, bottom bracket gears can be flip-flopped for high speed gearing for kart track racing! It's got a digital tach/hour meter with bars that go...
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    Animation of Slant OHV Running and Oil Circulation Neato.
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    Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show this SUNDAY @ History Park - $5 San Jose Downtown I'm not affiliated, but it sounds like fun and think I'm gonna go and mebbe put the bikes up for sale. Hope to see you there!
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    Raven KTM50 Stingray Cafe Racer Bobber FOR SALE

    Hello Motorbicycling, Please only respond if you are serious, and try not to pick apart my build too much please. :D Some of you may have seen this bike I've built over the past year or so; I'll post up some most recent pictures after...
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    52cc Predator Auger Powered X-Games FS20 BMX

    © As some of you guys who listen to my ramblings might know, I got an HF auger motor for a good price recently. In search of the perfect frame for it, I found this at Walmart and ordered it. This week when the bike gets here I'm going to motorize it and it should look like above. If anybody...
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    Lightweight $5 12v halogen

    I wnt to Home Depo today to get a halogen headlight for the MB's, ended up with two for $10! They almost weigh nothing, all plastic. Just figured I'd let you know, since I thought it was a good deal. They have regular male spade connections on the back. I hooked one up to a 12v battery and...
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    California - Scooter floorboards = no M2 required?

    Please read these laws completely and verify for yourself that they are current and valid, which as far as I know at the date I write this, they are. V C Section 407.5 Motorized Scooters Manufacturer Disclosure Motorized Scooters: Manufacturer Disclosure 407.5. (a) A "motorized scooter" is...
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    Sturmey Archer Foot Shifter for Pegs!

    Hello, just thought I'd share this for those of you rocking pegs instead of pedals, and a SA three speed hub. It turns out that the current standard thumb shifter makes an excellent foot shifter like on a side shifted engine! I was jamming my thumb on trails on my MX, and got sick of it. The...
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    Ebay rack mount friction drive

    Looks interesting and light weight. No affiliation, just thought you might be interested like I was.
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    52cc Stage 2 CAG CVT powered X-Games Motobike

    This is the Motobike that I got a good deal on: The nice girl that owned it won it and kept it in brand new condition! I remember seeing one of these at Wal-Mart a few years back and thinking it would make a great freeride bike with an engine. It turns out to share brakes and rear shock with...
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    The Raven

    This bike is now technically more of a bobber but I am building it off an OCC 24" Chopper and it still retains a chopper look so I guess this place best fits. I like all types of motorcycles so I used bits from all over the place and depending on how you view it you see elements from many kinds...
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    Razor MX1000 electric "BMX" :P

    Instead of reposting everything I'll put the link here to the thread over at Pocket Bike Planet that I started yesterday about my bike. I got this to play with while I finished my OCC Bobber and fell in love with it, it's a mean machine in its own right...
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    Norcal club events and racing?

    I'm new to this so maybe I haven't looked far enough, but I was wondering if there are any local get-togethers in the SF bay area and any moped and bicycle racing in Norcal. From my initial searches it seems that there used to be, but it has fizzled out or just hasn't picked up or been...
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    Pitbike fork for OCC Chopper triple tree?

    So I'm looking for a suspension triple tree fork for my OCC build, and I would like a modern fork versus an old school springer because my build is on the modern looking side: I've been looking around and the two options are an expensive triple tree downhill fork that will accommodate bicycle...
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    My first Motorized Bicycle, OCC Chopper custom street fighter!

    Hello, my name's Kyle and I'm new to motorbicycling. I've always thought small motorcycles, pit bikes, and mopeds were cool, and have ridden a lot of scooters at the race track to run errands and get around, and thought it would be fun to get into this hobby as a diversion from getting into...