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    Handlebar mounted killswitch with key?

    huffy Davidson has a decent CDI with a lock built in
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    Offset intake puts carb on an angle

    It is what it is. With all the different frames and ways to mount the engine a one size fit all never works. Same with the stock exhaust, sometimes I have to bent it, weld it other times they fit just fine. I recently had to cut an offset reweld and add an extension to get absolutely level carb.
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    Handlebar mounted killswitch with key?

    Is this to keep a sibling or a roommate from using your bike? Since it’s a bike basically anyone can still pedal off with it.
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    Please Help!!!! Will These Fit My Carb???

    NT carbs need 5mm threads. Those are 4mm thread and will not fit.
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    Anyone cut off their top tube?

    Related but different. I found a girls beach cruiser and cut the top tube and rewelded higher. People love the frame and it’s had no issues over 7 years. My old welds were pretty ugly but strong . The fenders didn’t last. I welded in a tube in the back for rear engine mount
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    Throttle cable just won't snap back

    70-80% on braking is from the front. weight shifts forward when braking.
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    Throttle cable just won't snap back

    Check your cable. I’ve seen permanent bends in the cable that causes binding in the cable housing. The same bike had dried mud in the plastic throttle which caused binding. Changed the throttle tube, cable and custom shorted it for a MTB and guy was super happy.
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    Im a noob please help me

    I’ve used antiseize to seal up intakes also. Good stuff to have around.
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    79cc Predator Vertical Exhaust

    something like this? We ended up doing a baloney cut at the end but custom can be bent any way you want.
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    Sputtering and dying

    Check for intake air leak
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    Piston tapping head no compression

    Recently had one which had wrist pin bearing blow apart and scored the cylinder walls. Rings were still good had no compression and the needle bearings were lodged all over the engine causing hard contact. Changed Bearing and cylinder and had it going again. But again you gotta check. It could...
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    Piston tapping head no compression

    Sounds like the piston wrist pin bearing. Pull it and have a look
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    Huffy Cranbrook. To motorize or not?

    The Cranbrooks are ideal for an inexpensive build. Solid steel frame and 12 ga spoke offer a leg up on most bikes. Take off all the fenders. We just had a crash from the rear fender brackets breaking off. Check your spoke tension, check the grease and bearings. Get real brakes. You guys need...