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    Cyclecarts Cool!

    Check out these "go karts" Jalopnik - CycleKarting: Extreme Vintage Go-Karting - CycleKarting
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    Arizona - New Times Scooter Fest

    I agree. Bicycle purists are often more uptight about everything. Scooter folks are usually more open to mechanized contraptions. Moped gangs are the worst of all though, the arrogance of hipsters combined with the ignorance of youth make a nearly intolerable combination.
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    2 stroke Vs. 4 stroke

    Con: The price is higher for a 4 stroke most likely to cover the extra moving parts and assembly. Con: 4 strokes are also heavier, than the same horsepower output 2 stroke. Pro: 2 strokes rev up to their peak power quicker. Pro: A quality 2 stroke is usually preferred by performance seeking...
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    I saw you...

    Gee whiz, heck no and golly. I wish my camera was working, I'd post as many as I could get. Please post pics of MBs in your hometown. Thanks. :D EDIT: I saw two electric mopeds yesterday. One was crossing 1st Avenue at Copper. He was using a designated mid-block crosswalk. These crosswalks are...
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    SpookyTooth Death Race 2009

    I got the invite to the Polini Cup a while back. I couldn't attend, good thing though, my moped is bone stock.
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    SpookyTooth Death Race 2009

    Cops or not, I'm bringing, by way of local roads if necessary, my un-licensed Whizzer and my un-licensed moped. If anyone has objections to that, let me know here. If Roland has problems with that, he can 86 me. I'm fed up with cliques and gangs. I'm fed up with government induced fear. My...
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    Bicycle review

    I don't have a bike that wasn't motorized except for two large Schwinn Varsity models, The Whizzer is built on a Global frame from China. It is a copy of (I believe) a Schwinn Heavy Duty. It is stout, heavy and black. I would recommend it as an excellent starting platform for just about any...
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    SpookyTooth Death Race 2009

    WARNING ! On the local news this morning a story about the City of Tucson's budget shortfalls took a prominent position on the list of the usual murders, mayhem and meth monkey crime stories. The City of Tucson Police Department is looking for "revenue" sources. How do the po-po get mo money...
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    I saw you...

    The guy on Delano at Oracle had no helmet. He was just starting his motor as he headed east on Delano. :D
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    SpookyTooth Death Race 2009

    I'm hoping for a "slow drag" contest. The kind of race where everybody tries to go the slowest at idle speed without touching feet to ground. It's a hoot. :D
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    I saw you...

    Today at around lunch time I saw a guy wearing a black helmet motoring on a red cruiser. The bike had a rack mounted box, chrome fenders and a tan(?) gas tank. He was around Speedway and Euclid, I think. An hour later at Oracle and Delano I saw a guy on a black cruiser. :D I was in the truck...
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    How Roland helped all of us in AZ

    Jobar, the 48cc limit seems almost like one of those laws that's impossible to obey and impossible to enforce; a "Catch-22" . The government doesn't have to make something be illegal, it just has to make it impossible to be legal. It seems like that 48cc is lurking over us like a far away dark...
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    SpookyTooth Death Race 2009

    If I can finagle it, I'll bring a folding blue(?) cover structure thing and a grill. If I can't finagle those things, look for a drunken naked white guy on a too loud Whizzer. :D Well, maybe a fully clothed white guy all coffee'd up on a too loud Whizzer. :D and a grill... I promised Cruiser...
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    My proudest build so far!

    Nice bike! A big fat headlight would look perfectly worth $500 with that bike attached. :D
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    SpookyTooth Death Race 2009

    I was perusing the weather forecast...note the 18th. !!! Ten-day weather forecast for Tucson, AZ (85701)