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    What NOT To Motorize

    What NOT To Motorize Ride your "bike" around no less then 10 miles. If the very idea is painful your bike is junk do not motorize it. Go down a steep hill. It should not vibrate at speed and be able to stop at bottom. A 10 mile ride should be just far enough to expose any bike geometry problems.
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    Ready to go faster, advice?

    I read a post about the fork "bucking". That sounds like a issue with the way the head set fits together.
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    I just survived a motor bicycle accident. Please read this:

    That has to suck. You are not this first to report about this happening. Maybe someone will read your post and avoid lots of pain. The people here only care about how fast .............
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    Ready to go faster, advice?

    A good Zeda will do 55. What kind on breaks do you have in mind? The CDH fork is known to be unstable at that level of power. Anything over 30 You should start looking at down hill rated fork breaks and a wheel set with good wheel bearings. A wheel locking up at any real speed would suck. I look...
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    Don't remove the governor!

    Looking around the forum governor removal is a real problem for many. All of the people saying governor removal is no real issue are also very advanced builders. The youtube videos, Necromancer, and affordablegokarts do not cover reassembly in any real detail. A better governor removal guide...
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    Latest Zeda triple 40

    Next time go 69cc Iron sleeved cylinder because non of the shady builders seem to have them at this point.
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    Engine not starting

    Check check for spark Make sure clutch is engaged Remove spark plug Attached plug wire Ground plug on frame Turn rear tire look for spark If you have you have no spark
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    Engine not starting

    We badly need a will not start check list. This gets "solved" over and over again.
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    hub adapter versus rag joint.......

    Someone posted about adding a key way to the hub adapter around 2017 or so. Was very nice setup. I would replace the wheel and disc mount a 36t
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    Who the frig is even trustworthy to buy a kit from anymore?? (p)
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    This site needs an English lesson.

    I am not having that issue. Must be only some web browsers. Code can be used to make different web browsers see different things.
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    Latest Zeda triple 40

    A inconsistent website is a sigh of a company in trouble. You may have just lost your money.
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    This is why gas bicycles have no future

    Seems like he would just move his company out of California. I read California is starting to panic about losing businesses and people.