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    NEW Vermont Motor-Assisted Bicycle Law

    In 2010 Vermont passed a “motorized cycle” law. It probably was intended to regulate commercially manufactured mopeds, but the language of the law ended up being applicable to motorized bicycles as well. I was totally ignorant of this law until last summer when I was stopped by the local...
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    Question for Vermont Riders

    So, I was riding my motorized bike the other day in town in Vermont, obeying all traffic laws when I was stopped by the local cops. I was told that my Motorized Bike needed to be registered, inspected and insured to be used on public roads. It looks like under a 2010 DMV rule that created a...
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    Stupid Spark Plug Question

    I have a slant head engine and I was wondering if it matters which way the spark plug is pointed (toward the front or back)? Will the direction effect performance in any way? Thanks.
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    solid (airless) tire question

    @BigBlue Believe me......I've learned my lesson about using budget tubes from Walmart! Thanks for the suggestion about Schwalbe tires/tubes; you're the 3rd person to recommend them.
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    solid (airless) tire question

    @GearNut.....the bead seating issue was exactly what I was worried about. I bit the pavement once already and I don't need to have a front tire just peel off the rim going around a corner sometime. I guess I'll just upgrade to the thickest air filled inner tube I can find. Thank you!!!!
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    solid (airless) tire question

    After a recent 25 MPH front tire blow-out that resulted in a spectacular crash and some injuries, I am wondering if anyone has any experience using solid rubber (airless) tires instead of the usual air filled tube/tire combination. Or has anyone ever used one of those solid rubber tubes...
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    26 x 2.125 wheel/rim question

    @atombikes: you were correct. The bead-to-bead width is 1.5 inches. So does that mean I can use a 26 x 1.5 tire on that rim? The issue is I don't have a lot of room for the tire to ride between the bike chain and the engine drive chain and sometimes the engine drive chain rubs against the...
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    26 x 2.125 wheel/rim question

    I have 26 x 2.125 wheel/rims on my bike and I was just wondering if it's OK to use a narrower tire on this wheel? Like a 26 x 1.5 tire on that wheel or won't that work?
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    Oil/gas drip from exhaust port

    I switched to the leaner mix of 40:1 and also sandwiched the existing gasket between two pieces of heavy aluminum foil cut from the bottom of a disposable aluminum pie pan.....the leak seems to be gone now! it even seems quieter. Thanks for the gasket idea stacshwnrttr and bikeguy joe for the...
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    Oil/gas drip from exhaust port

    Well, I did 16:1 for the break-in. No wonder I have a carbon crust on the piston and spark plug! I will switch to the leaner 40:1 mix and replace the gasket. Thanks for helping me with this issue.
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    Oil/gas drip from exhaust port

    What gas:oil ratio should I be using? The engine is fully broken in (over 400 miles on it) and I was just following the assembly instructions that said after break-in go to a 20:1 so I thought 25:1 would be OK.
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    Oil/gas drip from exhaust port

    I recently noticed that I have oil or gas/oil mixture leaking from the exhaust port where the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine. It's coming from that joint and dripping onto the bike frame........just a few drops but it is leaking. Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this and a...
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    Cylinder Base Gasket/Permatex Ultra Blue

    Has anybody successfully used Permatex Ultra Blue silicone gasket maker (or something similar) to replace the Cylinder Base gasket? I had to take the cylinder apart and that base gasket got torn up and I was wondering if the silicone can be used instead of having to wait for a new one to be...
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    I have a stupid torque question....

    If the head bolts/nuts are supposed to be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs for the 80cc engines, does that mean the spark plug should also be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs too?
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    for sale: Large Clam Shell adaptor w/ 44 tooth sprocket

    I am selling a hub mount kit and 44 tooth sprocket in used but very good condition. It is from Live Fast Motors and I have used it for less than 5 hours riding time. I had this mounted on a Huffy Cranbrook and it worked just fine. This worked good for me but I am upgrading to a different...