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    Merry Christmas

    I'm a day late,but old turtles are slow.....Merry Christmas to all
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    Veteran's Day

    Veterans day is one of the most important holidays in our country and always will be...a day to honor all veterans and those serving now, and to give, them the thanks , appreciation and whatever else we can that they well deserve and have already paid and worked for. Especially those men and...
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    Indian Hiawatha

    Silverbear...Yup the older Cherokees 1984 to 1999 are the best..200,000 miles on yours...its just getting broken in. I keep the back seat out of my 96..Got a real good deal on a 1995 about 2 years ago. These folks bought it new, kept it in the garage. My wife drives that one. Wish I didnt sell...
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    Indian Hiawatha

    SB Glad to see you still have the Jeep Cherokee..the older ones are the best and wont let you down. I will have my 96Cherokee send yours a "good trip message". Have a safe journey.
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    Ten years today

    I will never forget.................................
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    Indian Hiawatha

    Silverbear...looks like you and Fasteddy are on the way to another Classic MB...looking good...
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    $20 Wal-Mart Bell Gel Seat..Save Your Money!

    Had a few seats including the Wallmart one. My boney old butt hurt after 7 miles..Got a suspension seat post and a 10inch wide Cloud 9 seat..worth every penny ..can ride all day in comfort
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    bike stabilizer for the old and infirmed

    Deacon...I know you will come up with something.....Take another look at Fasteddy's sidecar has the electric motor (hub motor I think) and batteries in the side car and powers the sidecar wheel.
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    helmet plug.

    Deacon ..Hope you are feeling better..Yea helmets are a good thing..didnt have mine on, did 24 days ,mostly in coma,Traumatic Brain Injury, after bouncing my head on pavement.Don't remember anything, bike ride or most the time in the hospital ..Been 1 1/2 years now and still dopey
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    Welcome To The Welding & Metalworking Forum

    Stainless to steel...Arc / Stick welder will do the job for sure, with the right rods
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    Rant--filthy rap performers and patrons

    There are two words that do not go together, and never will.....Rap and Music....nuff said
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    Welcome To The Welding & Metalworking Forum

    Yes stainless can be welded to steel with mig tig or stick equipment. Tig or Mig , use Argon gas... stick mig or tig, use wire or rods compatable with 304,306, or 308 stainless steel , not mild steel.
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    Sidecars? I have said before..That Sidecar Bike should be in a museum..But that can probably wait until you croak..Real nice build..outstanding
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    A Real Electric Car is right again.....besides I only have about 200yards of extension cord
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    Sorry to put a damper on things here

    Good news......Great News