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    FS-Taylar BTR! Built. Los Angeles,CA

    Guys Neeeds new cables, tune up and grips Just have no time to play with my bike anymore so it's going on the block to the best offer. It needs a tune up but it functions properly and is a blast to ride. SPECS: Built by Dan Orabona in 2012 - unpainted frame and tank Engine: 200cc HF...
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    first btr build

    Nice! This will be interesting. I got lucky last week and scored a Briggs FH for low buck. Thinking about the next project. I am happy with my Modified Clone BTR! I got the clone for 60 and that's why we went with it. Yeah, Briggs are nice, too - especially when you get a good one for good money
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    Next Race for VTB's?

    Guys, When are we racing again? Where? I missed Grange because of work, do we have a race report on that event? I just need a flywheel and some flat track or pull back bars for my sled. Runs good but that need to ride more upright. That crouched over position is murder on the back.
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    Do you ride your boardtracker ?

    Heck ya, I ride mine. Whenever I feel like it. I do watch out for cops and try to keep the noise down.
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    My Board Track Build

    Yeah. Love that headlight, Tom
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    1915 Board track racer

    Great Looking Bikes, Kris. Loving the "Highway Patrol" BTR. Ha! I really like the mellow green, understated look of the other, too. Very Cool! Whoops, the gray one, I mean. Sometimes things look a different depending at what angle this laptop screen is)
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    Taylar BTR1R First Images, Vert Speedster

    Well, I'm entered in the Grange race, but I'm right now stuck on a job in Phoenix . Grange is very, very doubtful. I did just challenge SportsCarPat to a meet on the salt, though - with his new Clone racer. ;-)
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    Sportsman 200

    Pat, What an awesome looking machine! That Bully clutch is a very good part and looks just right too. The engine looks fine and fits into the frame great. Love your intake manifold. The flywheel sets everything off. Great looking build! So, when do we head out to the salt? -...
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    Taylar BTR1R First Images, Vert Speedster

    ___________________________________________________ As the new Taylar racer nears completion, I thought I'd post some pics of Dan Orabona's fine craftsmanship. He really has an eye for correct proportion and balance, IMO. Fit and finish is outstanding. The powerplant is the discontinued...
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    First build in the works by Taylar "The Flying Scotsman"

    Yeah, that is super nice, my Taylar will be finished soon as well. Dan really does fine work. Azbill: I am in Mesa on a job until Nov. 1, I am heading out to Sycamore Creek in a couple hours to tear up some trails on my new 1972 Yamaha 175 Enduro - beautiful, absolutely beautiful trail...
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    First build in the works by Taylar "The Flying Scotsman"

    That is a rightous looking bike there. See you at Grange? Maybe we can be drafting partners . .
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    First build in the works by Taylar "The Flying Scotsman"

    Sick torpedo. Super nice tank. Best I've seen
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    Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

    Super nice looking exhaust system there, CCC Did you braze or tig the muffler piece onto the end of the header? Can't tell too good from pics - Thanks.
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    Roadmaster Project

    Gilbert. Super nice. This thing looks like it was just pulled out from under a tarp in grandpas shed. Love the BRIGGS. Don't worry about the length - the definition of an artist is someone who is NEVER satisfied with their creation. It's always a little more here, a little less there . . ...