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  • WOW, Thanks to everyone for the birthday wished. I will try to get back into posting more here for ya'll
    i've been up there before, uh,
    my best advise is make sure you have tools, grease, and if your going to climbing mountains, you need to invest in a 56 tooth rear sproket, it WILL HELP, I started out with a 44,and changed it in loveland colorado, to the 56, if I had not done this it would not have made it over the mountain, 12,122 ft.oh also carry a 1gl. Can with you full of gas always,
    I plan on making a about a 900 to 1000 mile trip from dover Delaware to Evansville Indiana come this spring on a supposed 80 cc HT motor , I will have to ride thru the mountains , so any advice you can give will be great on gear or parts I will need to make a successful trip .
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