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    Ontario Canada, MTO info

    Well, I just had my second bike taken by the cops along with a "no insurance" and "drive under suspension" charges. Same cop, by the way. This time I lost my $600 Honda rack mount. I loved that bike! I give up........I am working out a plan with the ministry to pay them $100 each month to get...
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    Thats it cauter pin time!

    If you take a centre punch with a sharp point and place the tip along the threads right at the face of the nut you will punch a small hole that will hold the nut in place. The nut and the stud sort of get welded in place but will still be easy enough to remove it if needed.
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    Ontario Canada, MTO info

    I'm surprised to see this thread still going. I live in Ontario and had my bike thrown in the back of a cop car, never to be seen again. I was charged with Drive while Disqualified as well as No insurance and was given a total of $1350 in fines after the Crown lowered the charges to "Drive...
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    Ontario Canada, MTO info

    But you still have to fall under the ministries rules so I don't really get your point-sorry. To build this bike you would have to say that it was built before 1998. "if the motorcycle was manufactured on, or after, September 1, 1988, it must have affixed a compliance label required under...
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    Ontario Canada, MTO info

    Mike, that info is so wrong. If it has a motor, it is a motorized vehicle. There is no grey area, period! Even that "under 50cc" thing is only in the States. Think about it, do you really think you could drive a 49cc mini bike down the streets because it's under 50cc? Trust me, I know. Only...
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    centrifugal clutch

    Yes, just like a chainsaw or snowblower and most other small motorized tool. As you rev it up, the clutch engages. From what I've read about them as far as these kits go, I'd stay far away from them-too cheap.
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    Clutch refusing to disenage the back wheel

    You say the chain tightened up and the wheel is locked.I've heard of a few cases where the chain got stuck at the engine case right beside the front sprocket. I'd have a look at that. That missing bolt may have let the angles on the chain/sprockets screw up.
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    Chain driven chainsaw build

    I would think a "srubber" set-up would be easier for you to build and they are not as bad as some say.
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    Will an 80cc motor handle my weight?

    You will have no issues with the wieght but a good rear rim and tire is a must. The rear sprocket, along with the high speeds are hard on those rims.
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    Wobbly back tire

    I'm not sure if belts break on bike tires but it happens on cars making it almost impossible to drive. (The tire looks like a banana) I'd have a look at my spokes if I was you.
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    ring question?

    The reason for the 'tit' and the groove on the rings is because they only line up one way, the tit will get in the way if the ring is upside down. I wonder if you just need to wear the rings into place to get more power by driving the bike and putting some miles on.
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    DUDE! Where's my locking freewheel ??!!

    The Izip has a wheel with a freewheel on the left side. I just paid $92.40 for one from DUREL. The right side is a 6 speed and the left side comes with the sprocket for the electric drive. The sprocket and chain are what look to be bicycle size but I can picture the sprocket as the beginnings of...
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    4 Stroke Pros and Cons

    I have a chinagirl and a Honda 35cc scrubber and I find that I use the Honda a lot more. I find that you stay cleaner and the bike is very light. I still get looks but the sound is much more mellow. About the only thing I don't like is the fact that the Honda only holds about three ounces of oil...
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    First build, whatchya think, any ideas?

    I have this kit and it seems to be bulletproof. It's got a sealed bearing on both sides of the scrubber and mounts like a rear rack. The 'quick release' goes in the slots on the two support bars (in the upper left side of pic) so that you can lift or lower the scrubber onto the tire. This setup...
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    no vacuum please help!

    I think you have to start at the most common problems and work your way through. I have no idea what the guy is talking about as far as vacuum goes. If it were me, I'd make sure that the wires are hooked up properly. You need to tell us things like how the kill switch wired up. Many members...