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  • Toxic

    thanks for the info. When they say hot spot, i understand 'wi fi" for free at starbucks etc.

    All you need for "wi fi" at starbucks, the library etc is a laptop that has a wi fi usb antenna or built in from the factory?? No wireless isp contract needed?

    Hot spot? = that is an area where a signal is recieved from wireless isp, like on the interstate traveling?

    It looks like verizon is my best option. At&t has a usage calculater on line, it looks like 5 gig is way more than i would ever use.

    The tether cable? Is that the usb cable that usually comes with smart phone for transfering data (picturess etc) to desktop pc from the smart phone?

    The verizon smart phone wireless plan "65 plus" is unlimited data. Am i safe with that?? I believe it is also 4 g if my smart phone is 4g speeed enabled!

    Was hoping someone would jump in. Thanks a bunch. Ron
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