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    Mounting a 26" Mens' NEXT PowerX Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike?

    Nope, you'll need an old school triangle frame bike for that kit. But those kits are hella easy to install. If I were you I would consider starting with a different frame, you shouldn't have trouble finding one on craigslist for cheap. If you must use that frame then look into the Titan...
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    40mph speed secrets revealed

    Was the spacer under the jug just to space it up some, or is it an adapter? 40mph doesn't seem too difficult, but this motor is sure to run for a lot longer than most.
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    New Slant Heads for 80cc's: Compression Boost!?

    can the 49cc head be used on the 80/68cc motor if the holes for the head bolts are enlarged?
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    performance carb and reed valve options, head modification questions.

    Well, this is my first post. I've recently assembled an "80cc" kit from bikeberry, it's on a hybrid bike with 26'' MB wheels and slicks. It's not bad, but i'd like more speed and accel. I'll eventually be building a shifter kit (or buying the SBP one) Anywho. I've been doing tons of...