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  • I live in the inland empire and I ride with a few other guys. We are also looking for a group ride near here
    Hey Dale, I'm just trying to "rally the troops" so to speak. All the 2 smokers seem to club up, so I thought it would be fun if us Briggs cats grouped up! Show each other a thing or 2...Plan group rides,strategize for the next race, and so on. Trying to put pics with my phone isn't working too. Hope to see ya here! Harry
    Hey superharry, what's up with your social group you're starting. Been meaning to ask you about it. Dale.
    Hi superharry, briggs is the way to go! I do like putting a Briggs on anything I can! Haha.. So what do you have done so far? There are a few ways or drive options you can use that I know of and all involve a jackshaft. It kind of depends on what kind of performance or realiability you want. You can keep it simple and just use fixed pulleys, or use a torque converter which gives you good bottom and top end. On my bike I started with fixed pulleys but didnt have very much bottom end torque so I put a comet torque converter and it made a big difference! Also on one of my mini bikes I have a two speed on it. It's kinda cool, it works with centrufical clutches. First gear gives you some good torque and then it shifts to second and it gives you alot of top speed! I haven't openned it up all the way because it probably does about 55 or so but it's a little scary. Anyways let me know what you want and I'll try to help you out as best as I can!
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